A Better World
Climb the Mountain

Is same time, same place, same old stuff, right for you?

A Rolling Stone Looking at the View!

A rolling stone gathers no moss; but he does get to see more of the world. 

We all make choices every day, do we have the banana smoothie or the decadent fried eggs, bacon and sausage? Do we sit quietly and meditate or watch CSI on TV for the third time?


Every choice has a cost; in experience, in financial terms in emotional terms; so how do we work out which way to go?

My answer is that you should always ask yourself one question.

"How does this choice make me feel?"

If it doesn't feel good, then you ask yourself the second question,

"Is there an alternative that would make me feel better?"

This may sound dangerous; you have to be realistic about those alternatives; are they attainable? The third question is;

"What are the likely consequences of my action or inaction?"

Changing directions is fun, but sometimes you end up in a place or a situation that you did not forsee, so here is another old saying; "Look before you leap", you might land in clover or a cowpat.

Look Before you Leap!

So ask yourself: do you want to be secure; comfortable; stable and good at what you do? Or wild, unpredictable, and free?  Go back to the three important questions and you may find your path -that is if you want to - or you might prefer to run through the undergrowth! It is all about you!

Taking the Exotic Path!

College Advisor: I have worked in education for many years teaching business and information studies and advising students on which college program to take and which university to attend. I have helped hundreds of students with college applications. If you need a life coach to help you with anything related to education, please email me at [email protected] I can help you to set goals and give you the benefit of my experience.

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