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Remembering to use the Universal Laws of the Universe

Using a pendulum - an unusual way to make decisions!

The first time I used a pendulum was when I was pregnant with my first child Andrea, we put a key onto a piece of string and held it over my belly. A circle means a girl and a line back and forth means a boy. we correctly predicted that I was expecting a girl!

I learned more about the pendulum when I attended a class with Deb Prievo at "What you love to do" in Cocoa Village.  She is running her class again at the beginning of May, here is a link to the site:

Sometimes we have to make decisions and we are not really sure about how we feel about all the alternatives.  Some of us are very logical and some of us are very emotional and making decisions can be a real minefield of us second guessing ourselves. That is why I sometimes use my pendulum to explore my feelings.

This is how the process works for me: I draw a chart of alternative courses of action and ask my pendulum to show me the best course of action for me.  Sometimes, I get the answer that I want and sometimes I don't, I will then ask the questions again and I can judge by my reaction to the answer how I really feel about a course of action.

It is a bit like pulling the petals off a flower, "he loves me, he loves me not", at least no flowers get injured and I can be really specific about my questions.


You can find this picture and some other really interesting articles on this site:

If you are interested in how to use a pendulum correctly, this is a great site.

I made my own board by writing down all of my alternatives, however there are some beautiful generic boards available. I love the artwork on this one.


You can find this one and more on this website:

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