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Time to Clean House!


Using Feng Shui to create an uncluttered bedroom.

Why bother to clear up your clutter? I know that I think much clearer when my surroundings are clean and tidy. I like to eat in an uncluttered space and be surrounded by nice things. I wondered if I was being quirky or if there is a real reason why a clean environment makes me feel better.


I found several articles, none of them scientific about how clutter can make you sick. Here is a link to one:

Here is another one, that talks about stagnant energy being associated with clutter.


I have talked to many people who believe that clutter prevents the air from circulating properly and that old stagnant energy can get trapped in your belongings causing you to feel bad.


I may be hyper sensitive but I do believe that it is true. I then researched Feng Shui to see the Eastern philosophy on clutter. Apparently clutter in different areas of your home can cause blockages in different areas of your life. Some people resist clutter clearing because it is emotional and feels like therapy.

Here is another great article about clutter and Feng Shui -


I am writing this to motivate myself to clean up my own clutter but also to encourage those of you who are as sensitive as I am and need to get some good energy flowing at home or at work.

Make everything around you as beautiful as possible and you will feel the flow of good energy.


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