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Writing your Mantra

As a life coach, my function is to help people with goal setting and staying on track to achieve their dreams. A very useful tool for keeping yourself focussed is to say a daily mantra.

A Mantra is defined as a scared utterance - it should be positive and meaningful to you and said with feeling and emotion.

Many people write mantras based on their weekly and monthly goals. Some of the most successful sales people that I have worked with, say a mantra whenever they are about to meet a client. They get really excited and say "it's a deal!". It works very well.


This image can be found on a website devoted to meditation, see above.

Mantras are best said aloud, and repeated often, with emotion. You may want to repeat your mantra in meditation in an atmosphere of complete concentration, it all depends on you.  It is the belief in the mantra and the repetition of your goals that will bring you success.

What should you include in your mantra?

Sales goals - quantity and target date.

Personal goals - e.g. time spent with your children

Diet and exercise goals: Number of calories to consume, number of minutes on the treadmill each day.

Travel and vacation goals - take a trip to Alaska by June 2010.

Financial Goals - earn x amount of dollars by June 30th 2010, or have a certain amount in savings/

Career Goals - have a job by May 1st 2010, or get promoted to manager by Sept 30th 2010.

There are some many areas of your life that will benefit if you set your goals down on paper and repeat your mantra at least once a day.

I attempted to write a mantra poem - it seems a little less edgy to me, but it might work.....

"Let me find a job I like, Helping others see the light

Keeping fit each day as well, Eating healthy feeling well

Spending hours with my kids, Getting paid for what I did

Taking time to heal myself, Writing to improve my wealth!"

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