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The End or a New Beginning?

Today is September 24th 2017, the day after the world, (according to some)was due to end.  I am not ready to heave a sigh of relief yet, this feels like an apocalyptic time, enormous hurricanes, devastating earthquakes, gigantic volcanoes that are ready to erupt and we have the threat of nuclear war. There are writings in "Revelations" in the bible, stories from the Mayans and astronomical messages from the pyramids of Giza telling us that this is the time of change. A few weeks ago, there was a giant asteroid that narrowly missed the earth and now we have the tale of Niburu the hidden planet that was due to hit earth yesterday, what is going on?

You may take the view that this is just a lot of hot air, there is no global warming, we can abuse the planet to make money with no consequences and that this end of the world talk is just more of millennial type hysteria. What if this is wrong? Who provides us with the information that we listen to? Who is trying to control our thoughts and why? My motivation for writing this is solution based, I love our beautiful planet; we are just guests here.

I have been trying to make sense of what is happening in the world and asking a bunch of questions.

  1. Large hurricanes are caused by warm sea temperatures so why are the seas so warm?

The planet is getting hotter, there is a great deal of scientific evidence to support this, https://www.yaleclimateconnections.org/2017/04/worrisome-first-quarter-of-2017-climate-trends/ 

Are we causing the planet to heat up? Carbon dioxide is increasing along with global temperatures, much of the increase in carbon dioxide is due to man's activities on earth. http://www.arcticsystem.no/en/outsideworld/climate/warmer-climate.html

Of course there could be additional outside factors that are causing global warming, it could be cyclical but even so something causes a cycle to happen. In the past solar activity caused the plant to warm and cool but the sun's rays have not become stronger this time around, we have upset the chemistry in the greenhouse and are now suffering the consequences. Solar Activity

Warming seas are also making the ice caps melt, one of the largest icebergs ever broke off antarctic this year: largest iceberg

2. Why do earthquakes and volcanoes often happen together?

We are seeing a large number of earthquakes around the world caused by moving tectonic plates, volcanoes are often also situated on fault lines and so the likelihood of having volcanic eruptions is increasing. There have been many warnings this week around the world about increased volcanic and seismic activity. 

We also know that large storms can cause earthquakes, the increased water flow puts stress on the rocks and can cause movement, Storm related earthquakes

3. Do nuclear tests cause earthquakes?

We have heard in the news this week that nuclear testing my have caused an earthquake in North Korea, Nuclear test may have caused an earthquake . My thought is that we should not be surprised by this, every action has a consequence and the planet at this time is under attack from many sides. 

4. What else are we doing to cause earthquakes?

We are continuously assaulting the earth, we are fracking and that is increasing the number of earthquakes we are also pumping wastewater into the ground that is also causing a problem. You will read misleading information on this as there is money to be made in fracking. Fracking and Earthquakes

5. Does the position of the planets cause earthquakes and volcanoes?

This is an old theory that has been difficult to prove, the problem is that in past studies the movement of the sun and moon have been studied but not the effects of a combination of planets. One of my theories to explain what is happening with the planet at this time is that the unique planet line up that we have at this moment is causing earthquakes and volcanoes to erupt. This is the planet line up that causes huge problems for the earth as predicted in the bible, by the ancient Egyptians and the Mayans. Astronomical tidal forces and earthquakes

There is also research to suggest that underwater volcanoes do erupt in response to changes in tides and therefore the moon does effect volcanic eruptions as do sea levels. Sea floor eruptions and the tide

6. Why might the sun, moon and stars be lessened by one third?

This information comes from the book of Revelations 8:12. If we are truly in the end times or the new beginning then this is about to happen. The most obvious reason that this would happen would be if there are enormous volcanic eruptions that block out the light of the sun, the moon and the stars. There could also be a planet collision or nuclear war. Revelation 8:12

7. What does Niburu mean?

This is the name of the planet also known as planet X that was supposed to collide with earth on September 23rd 2017. The word means a crossing or a point of transition. It could be an unknown planet crossing our path or a transition to a better or worse time in the world, in our thinking or way of life. NASA has confirmed the existence of planet X but states that there is no evidence that it is going to hit earth. NASA planet X. If you believe in astrology the planet could still effect events on earth such as volcanoes, earthquakes and storms by effecting our atmosphere.

8. Are the poles about to flip?

If the poles flip then north becomes south and south becomes north, or there may be a partial pole flip where the poles move to either side of the equator. The earth's poles have flipped many times in the past, the last full reversal was 780,000 years ago. The magnetic field of the earth is decreasing and this may be a sign that a pole flip is due. If the poles flip there could be mass extinctions, huge volcanoes or the loss of satellites, electricity and increased radiation. The earth's magnetism comes from it's liquid core deep beneath the surface, the way the molten iron centre moves is being monitored but as this event has not happened recently it is difficult to predict when a flip may occur. How a flip in the magnetic poles could effect us.

9. Why do we think that if we damage one part of the earth the whole is not effected?

Everything changes, nothing is constant and things will happen to the earth with or without man's interference, however we can keep the sun shining a little longer, keep the water and the air fresher is we learn to live responsibly and to respect our planet. We need to realise the things that are important in life, love, beauty, kindness and respect and turn our backs on the materialistic greed that has caused so much bitterness, hatred and exploitation.

Think of the earth this way, it is a big stone ball, with a liquid core, covered in beautiful oceans, lush forests and green fields. It floats and spins in a gorgeous blue sky under a blazing sun protected from the sun's radiation. At night the moon shines brightly and the stars glimmer in a cool dark sky. Man trashes the earth with bombs, cars, fracking, chemicals, poisons. How can we truly believe that our actions have no consequences? The evidence is there and it is time to wake up and make a transition, we need to love of our planet and respect each other and all living beings so we can find a way to make this a beautiful place for all people, this is our new beginning....

College Advisor: I have worked in education for many years teaching business and information studies and advising students on which college program to take and which university to attend. I have helped hundreds of students with college applications. If you need a life coach to help you with anything related to education, please email me at [email protected] I can help you to set goals and give you the benefit of my experience.

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