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Have you forgotten who you are?

Keeping all your personalities happy!

Do you sometimes feel a lot of conflict in your life?  You are not sure which direction to take and what is going to make you happy. You want to do one thing but a voice in your head tells you something else is better, so you head off in one direction and the next day you turn around and head the other way! 

I am most likely an extreme case. There are so many things that I want to do but they are so diverse that I find myself being very scattered, always heading off in a different direction.  It is as if there are 3 different people in my head and they all have their own goals, what one person likes the other one dislikes and it gets very confusing, not just for me, but for anyone who knows me well.

The answer is of course balance, letting each of the personalities rule different parts of your life. You can tell from my blog that I am trying to work on at least 3 careers right now, each one is very important to one of my personalities. I have to schedule time for each person to work.  Each one has goals and ideas and they have to learn to share one body.

As you can imagine, one of my personalities is telling me not to write this blog, because it makes me sound like a freak, but this is my rebellious personality and she is fighting for control today.

How can I help anyone when I seem to be so mixed up myself?  I think my ability to empathise with other people because I truly care is what sets me apart from other life coaches. I am not going to pretend to be perfect or have all the answers, I don't. I can motivate you, mentor you and encourage you to be more successful and happy.

I am here for you and you can tell me anything, I am extremely open minded. If I can help you, please email me for a free session.  [email protected]

Talk to you soon,


My recent trip to California - finding some balance in nature.

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