Manifesting Magic!
Getting goosebumps when you are not cold or scared?

Awoken with doubts!!


Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night around 3 am or 4 am and a voice in your head tells you that your life isn't working out, that everything is pointless and bad? You are a failure, you are pathetic, you have made bad choices...


 It isn't fun when that happens, sometimes it feels as if an alien being has taken over your mind and is determined to make you unhappy. Hello, here I am to spoil things again. If you are aware of this creature it gets easier to get back in control, but what do you do meanwhile?



If you roam around the internet there are drugs for insomnia, healing programs, CD's of self hypnosis, books, DVD's - there is so much help available - but it will cost you.  It is a shame that suffering from anxiety, self doubt and insomnia is big business.

I do not have the cure, I have some great CD's from Steve G. Jones, I have some books and lots of herbal remedies. My best solution is to meditate - it is free, you are in control, you decide on your outcomes and what you want from your life. Remember to picture what you want, feel it with emotion and create your life.


If that negative personality takes over your life again, tell it to leave, you don't need it.

Have a wonderful, positive day, and an equally positive night!


College Advisor: I have worked in education for many years teaching business and information studies and advising students on which college program to take and which university to attend. I have helped hundreds of students with college applications. If you need a life coach to help you with anything related to education, please email me at mysticpol[email protected] I can help you to set goals and give you the benefit of my experience.

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