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Why you should......dance!


Spiritual Dancing courtesy of Lonerwolf

Dancing is therapy when you are feeling sad or gloomy, perhaps you are depressed or nervous. Dancing will make you feel better whether you dance to music or to the rhythms in your mind, it might even make you smile. Dancing makes you feel good!

One-beat-full-moonCourtesy of "Through the Vortex"

Dancing is good for your health and can increase your fitness, coordination and muscle tone. You can dance at any age, moving to the rhythm, fast or slow, intricate or simple. Dancing is natural.


Pixabay Courtesy of Coffee

You can dance alone, in a group or with a partner, at home, at work, at play. Solitary dancing or social dancing, dancing in style or just free style. There are so many groups you can join to learn to dance in a specific way, latin, jazz, tap, modern, ballet, ballroom, belly, pole dance, burlesque, hip hop to name a few. You can pay for lessons or dance for free, you will feel great. All dancing is great!



Dancing builds your confidence,  you feel good and when you feel good you smile. Smiling makes you happy and smiling at someone else will make them happy. So dancing makes the world a better happier place. Keep dancing, keep smiling.

When you go to a club or bar where people are dancing, get up and join in the fun.  Your smile is the most important part of the dance! Dancing equals fun!

Courtesy of Yahoo India

You can take dance seriously and it is always great to learn a new skill or improve on a skill but remember everyone can dance. Babies can dance, teens can dance, adults can dance and old people can dance, who knows maybe even aliens can dance!


Do it, it's fun! Dance now.....

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