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Is work supposed to be hard?


There are so many confusing messages out there, "challenge is good", "the best things in life are worth waiting for", " the harder you work the greater the return"' and then the opposite point of view; "work should not be hard; if you are doing the right thing it should come naturally to you".

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In school we are taught to work hard to overcome challenges and endure some painfully irrelevant seeming classes. At work we are encouraged to work long hours and spend little time with our families with detrimental results. Finally managers in the US are starting to realise that a productive employee is well rested, takes vacations and takes care of their family needs. Broken relationships make employees distracted and unhappy, sick employees infect others, stressed employees lose creativity, resent their jobs and cause workplace friction. You would think that with so many unemployed there would be a farer way to divide the work and the wealth of the country more equitably to reduce crime and create incentives. 

Math problem

Math Problem

It is sad to hear that people with Masters degrees are barely able to make ends meet in an economy that rewards the rich. It is the elite who pay corrupt politicians for their votes on whatever will create more wealth for the already rich, there is no such thing as the public good.Politicians should be public servants who serve the majority of the people and protect them from corrupt businesses and unhealthy products instead of brain washing them and distracting them with irrelevant sound bites worthy of a school yard brawl. This is a system that is so unbalanced that the man in the street has no power, his vote might not even get counted.


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So we are all supposed to work hard, but for what? What do we achieve when we devote our lives to something? Sometimes we create great things, invent things, make music, art or write but what if we are just slaves in a call center or a fast food restaurant?


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The answer is of course that we should work for ourselves, it should be easy, we just have to please ourselves. If you need to work in a minimum wage job to pay those bills; make sure that you save some energy and some time for yourself - do the things that come easily to you and enjoy every moment. We can hope one day that those in power will see that decent hard working people deserve a living wage but until then we can be at peace with our purpose on earth and create the things that we need to be free of a system that failed us. 


Work should not be hard; it should be joyous and satisfying and challenging and gratifying.


They Lied!

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