Life's Journey's - Being Yourself
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Life's Journey's - Finding your inner Artist - Introduction

Fullsizeoutput_ec9I love to paint trees!

This post is for those people, who want to be more creative in life but are not sure how to find an outlet for that creativity. There are so many ways of being creative and so many hobbies where we can exercise our creative muscles, which activities should we choose?  How do you select a creative outlet?

My random list of creative activities - writing and playing music, designing things, art of all types, creative writing, dance, psychic development, cake decorating, candle making. You may have tried some of these things at school, (probably not the psychic development unless you attended Hogwarts) I was lucky enough to have attended a less academic school where I was allowed to be creative and I believe that these creative skills have been valuable throughout my life, giving me the ability to switch off from the mundane and delve into the artistic universe.

This blog will explore some of the ways that you can delve into creativity, it is not about the skills that you develop although it is always nice to be good at something, it is the sheer joy of experimentation and producing something that is uniquely you. It is the lopsided cake, the smudgy art work, the clumsy dancing -who cares? If you enjoy it, keep doing it, feel good and escape from other people's standards and judgements. This is about you, your creativity, your projects, your self expression of what you are truly feeling inside - no imitations!

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