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Life's Journey's - Being Yourself

Much is written about "faking it", "being the best you can be", "putting on a show", "wearing a mask", it is really rather sad that we often feel that being ourselves is somehow inadequate. There are times when we need to "fake it", but this should not be something that we do the majority of the time, if you are in a situation where faking is normal then you probably need to move into something where you can be yourself.

Admit that you are not the best at everything, there is always someone better, smarter, cuter, more intelligent so learn to be happy in your own skin. Be who you are - I say this with the caveat that you must always be good to yourself and to others because that is the recipe for happiness. It's very simple, be good. For some reason being good has become confused with being dumb or naive - you can still be smart and do the right thing.

Getting back to my point about being yourself - appreciate who you are, your unique traits, your unique looks, your personal experiences, there is no-one else like you. Enjoy who you are, be amused at your failings, and thrilled by your successes -they are important to you. 

Whatever type of relationship you are in, be yourself, be honest especially if you are getting married - find out who you are and who your partner is -before it gets  complicated. Seriously - take things slowly, passion fizzles.

Below is a link to a poem I wrote about not being labelled, being who you are.



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