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Is it time to fix the vision board?


I love this vision board!

Vision boards are often created, around January 1st each year, we make our new year resolutions and some of us create our vision boards for the coming year. I paint my vision board; it is not a work of art, as I paint like a child but it does represent the things that I am working on for that year.

It looks something like this!

Now we are in May and I am wondering if I need to update my board a little, boards work differently for different people, I see my painted images but when I visualise in my head, I see the true picture sometimes it is like a photograph in my head. I see the new home that I am going to buy, the kitchen, the bedroom, the backyard and the neighbourhood,  I feel the sun on my arms as I sit in my new backyard, listening to the wind chimes and reading a book. I walk down the lane to my new neighbourhood. It is more than a vision it is an experience from all of my senses. I know I am going to buy this house, I don't know when or exactly where it is; I have some idea but I feel I am getting closer to it each day.

Gorgeous Picture - Gerry Scaccabarozzi

To make a vision board work; you need to believe in what you have created, be excited about the achievement of your goal and carry that expectation with you, the Universe is listening to you. Experience your vision with all of your senses not just your eyes, hear the sound of your new car, smell that new car smell, feel the seats, imagine how if will look outside of your house, be happy that you achieved your goal.

Working on your Goal - Get up early and run!

You may need to fix the vision board if your goals have changed but if not; make it more than a vision board, turn it into a feeling board, have the expectation of success, the joy of achievement and intend to succeed. It works! Please let me know if it works for you! I love success stories.

3509225450_e352ff3ffe upsoken prayer by GettysGirl at flickr
You can do it!

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