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Well, it's almost 2013 and at one time I wasn't sure that we were going to make it! I can feel so many positive changes in the air that although 13 is not my favourite number, I think this could be a great year ahead. Most people do not like to think about faking anything, it sounds false, I know that I like to be true and straight and honest, so let me explain why sometimes it might be necessary to fake it.


If you believe that you create your own reality, but you look around you and things are not the way that you want them to be, is it better to be sad or mad or is it better to make a new reality? Why not be happy even if you have to fake it because if this theory works you will soon be happy in reality. 


Think about going to work and acting as if you have the job that you really want, going to an interview as if you already have the job, being in a relationship that is nearly perfect. What do we gain by being negative and unhappy? More negativity and unhappiness.


At work we talk about being better every day, if you are not feeling better act as if you are because you will be better a little at a time. At the end of a year you will be a lot better than you were. I enjoy bellydance but I am not a good dancer, I practice hard each day and I get better, I get better slowly, very slowly but I know that I am getting better. When I dance I think about faking it, acting as if I know what I am doing because one day, I will know how to dance.


Do you remember when you were a small child and you would just do things, it didn't matter how well you did them, you were just happy to be there, whether it was singing, dancing, art or sports. In your mind you were good and that is all that mattered. When I say fake it, I mean that you should just act as if you already know what you are doing. It is a grown-up version of "Let's pretend", if you pretend long enough and work hard enough, your success will be real.


Some years ago, when I was consulting with my own life coach, he suggested that I create a mask for myself, a successful person of my own creation who would go to work for me and do a really good job so even when I was not feeling confident at work my mask was able to do everything really well. My mask was really successful and strong and smart and confident and after a while I became that way too! That is faking it! It works, give it a try!


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