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Dream about a bugle and a band

Did you dream about blowing a bugle or joining a band? Read on to learn the meanings of these dreams.....
Pexels-mikhail-nilov-9269364Bugle  by Mikhail Nikhov

The Dream

This is my blog where I describe a dream, interpret the elements of the dream and then find a dream meaning. Please reach out to me if you would like me to interpret a dream for you, details are in side column. Skip to lower paragraph to see bugle dream meaning.

In today's dream the dreamer finds themselves in temporary accommodation. They look out of the window and see some material from one of their outfits, it is made of wool and cut apart. They remember putting their clothes in a wardrobe nearby and their jewellery in another cupboard. The dreamer finds that the place where the wardrobe was has been turned into a shop and the place where the jewellery was has turned into another shop. The dreamer is told that they can have access to their clothes next Tuesday evening.

The dreamer then encounters their daughter who has got rid of her baby clothes and has smaller clothes for her own child. The dreamer wants to do a meditation and call everyone to meditate. To do this, the dreamer must blow a bugle. The daughter is in a Celtic band and will be playing another instrument to call the meditation. The dreamer finds themselves breathless and unable to blow the bugle or  join with the band despite the daughter's encouragement.

What does this dream mean?

Dream meaning temporary accommodation

If you dreamed about being in a hotel or somewhere temporary it means that you are not feeling settled in life and you know that things are likely to change soon. Here is a link to some more detailed interpretations of this; Hotel Dreams

Dream about Clothes

If you dream about clothes you are concerned about your public image, this is the way that we appear in the world. There are more detailed interpretations about clothes dreams here. However if your dream involved ripped or shredded clothes, this would mean that your image has been shattered.

Dream about Wool

If you dream about wool, it is associated with keeping warm in the winter. A dream where the wool was frayed or falling apart means that you may find yourself cold and unprotected.

Dream about Meditation

If you dreamed about meditation then you are trying to relax and step back from a situation. Getting others to meditate means that you are trying to help those around you. Seeing others meditating is telling you that you may need to slow down too, perhaps you are too busy driving towards the future without contemplating what is now? If meditation is interrupted then there are pressing things that need to be accomplished urgently.

Dream about Bugle

Bugles are used to call people to attention, it may be at the beginning of the day, the end of the day or it may be a warning. Dreaming about a bugle call is alerting you to something that is changing, it depends on the context of the call. It may be good news that you are sharing with the world. If someone else played the bugle then you will hear from someone far away. To break or damage a bugle means that you are cutting off communication with others and keeping secrets.

If you tried to blow a bugle but you were unable to because you were out of breath, it means that you are exhausted and stressed and unable to communicate with others.

Dream meaning Band

If you dreamed of joining a band that means that you want to play in harmony with others. You want to be part of a group. If you are unable to join a group then you are too much of an individual to fit in with others and keep in step and tune with them.

Dream meaning Celtic Music

If you hear Celtic music in a dream then you are most likely enjoying the company of someone from a  rural and proud people who is brave and strong. This would apply to you if you played the music.

Dream meaning

Today's dream means that the dreamer is feeling unsettled, they are in temporary accommodation. The dreamer is not feeling themselves as their clothes, their image has been lost and they have lost their valuables. The dreamer feels financially insecure. There is a feeling that they may be left out in the cold as the wool clothes have been shredded. 

The dreamer knows that at some time they can regain their image as the clothes will be returned on a Tuesday. This is a set time so it means that when a certain event occurs, the dreamer will be able to regain their freedom of expression. 

The dreamer wants to help others relax and to chill out with some meditation. However the dreamer is too stressed to do this, they are unable to blow the bugle. The dreamer also cannot join the band as they are too stressed to communicate effectively with others.

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