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Are spirits trying to contact you?

There are many ways that spirits will reach out to you, read on to find out more....


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6 Ways that spirits will reach out to you.

Spirits will use all of your senses to try and get a message to you. You may see things, feel them, sense them, smell them, feel a touch or possibly taste something.

Seeing Spirit

This can be literal actually seeing a shadow, across a wall, in a mirror or a movement out of the corner of your eye. It is rarer to see an actual person although about one in five people will see a full bodied spirit at some point.

You may see all types of visual stimuli that will alert you to a spirit that is trying to contact you. The lights may flash off and on, a bulb may blow or a ceiling fan might switch off an on randomly. Spirit seems to be able to manipulate electrical devices. It may be because spirits are made up of the energy. This is possibly the energy of people who have left their physical bodies. 

You may not see a spirit but family pets such as cats and dogs are very sensitive and you may see them staring at an invisible being, hissing or growling.  Young children are also very open to seeing spirit and may look at, talk and interact with beings that we cannot see.

Other ways that you may visually become aware of spirits is if you have cat balls, which react to being touched. These will flash to alert you that a spirit is present. 

Spirits like to move things to get your attention. You may find that objects have moved around the house. The object may be associated with a person who has passed. The same is true of photos and pictures that may fall over. 

Another method that spirits use is to stop the clocks at a certain time. It may be the time that they died or a time that gives you a message. You may be woken up at a certain time in the middle of the night each night often in the early hours-check that it is not a neighbour that woke you. If not perhaps a spirit is reaching across the veil.

A final thing that you might see is in your head, there may be messages in dreams. These are particularly important if you have recurring dreams or dreams with the same message. You may be getting a warning from a spirit. 

Hearing from Spirit

Spirit may talk to you, you may hear messages in your head. Sometimes you will be given words that you do not know the meaning of, this is a true sign that the message is from spirit. Occasionally you will be sent s song from spirit, it could be a song that you associate with this person or there may be a message in the lyrics.

Spirits may also create noise particularly in buildings. You may hear footsteps, doors open and closing or floorboards creaking. If you are in a haunted place, this may be a warning for you to leave. This can also happen when you have just moved into a new home, there may be a possessive spirit who possibly has not gone into the light who would like you to leave. You will be able to sense what type of contact it is. Some spirits do not like you to redecorate 'their' homes.


It is much rarer to taste something and associate this with spirit but you may suddenly become aware of a taste that you associate with a person. This could be their favourite dish, sweets  or something that you associate strongly with them.

Spirit Contact- Smell

Spirits use smell quite regularly to make you aware of their presence. A heavy smoker may waft cigarette or cigar smoke over you. You can smell the smoke but no-one around you is smoking. You may be driving your car and then you are aware of the smell of perfume, this is the perfume of someone who has passed. They are getting in touch with you, perhaps they are saying hello or there may be a larger message.

Spirit Contact - Touch

Spirits also use touch to give us information. You may connect with a spirit that give you pain where they felt pain. This is to let you know who they are. You may feel a spirit tap you on the shoulder or give you a massage when you are feeling low.

Another thing that you may feel is cold when spirits are present. A room may possibly have a cold spot as the spirit needs to use the energy to manifest. It is not really understood why this happens but it is a commonly reported thing.

Spirit Contact -Sixth Sense

This is that feeling you get in your gut, following your gut instinct. It is being aware that someone is reaching out to you. You may feel that you are being watched, you may be hearing and seeing things in your head. You may suddenly get the shivers or a warning not to stay in a place, or attend an event. A spirit may be warning you or sometimes advising you and helping you make good life choices. Listen to your spirit guides.

Spirit Guidance

You may have encountered your spirit guides and have experienced some of the things above. Be guided by your gut instincts, is someone trying to get in touch with you? What is the message? If you would like a reading please contact me. [email protected]

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