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The Year of Living Kindly -Kind Woman Blog - Grocery Shopping

An important part of living kindly is to be kind to the environment. I noticed over the past several months that many of the vegetables that I have been consuming have been heavily packaged, sometimes on trays, in net bags and in plastic, all of this is unnecessary waste, so I stopped shopping at Aldi my favourite store and attempted to shop local. I found a wider array of fruit and vegetables which although not organic were at least free from packaging. I attempted to purchase other things like cereal, nuts and dried fruit in this store but noticed that it was expensive and in large quantities.

I went to Target to look for similar items only to realise that the items in Target were in slick packaging but only a fraction of the size so my local store was in fact better value. I came home and did some research on cutting down on waste. Here are 2 interesting articles: 5 Types of Food Packaging  and Zero Waste Living. Reading these article I learned that it is difficult to recycle packaging that is made of more than one material, which leaves me frustrated because I do not like to buy juice in plastic bottles even though they are recyclable, cartons looked like a better option but are probably less easy to recycle- plastic lined, my favourite container is glass but it is so hard to find any juice in glass bottles that costs less than $6.00. 

The Zero waste living article made me realise that I need to buy in bulk to cut down on packaging and also that I should visit my local Farmer's Market. I went to the market today and discovered fresh veggies, fresh bread, organic meats and lots of goats cheese. I plan to go back there next week before I have completed my weekly shop. 

On another note, as I lay stretching on my yoga mat this morning, I saw a large vulture soar overhead, I am pretty sure that he was checking me out.....

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