Goal Setting Day! Be Passionate!
Having Great Expectations

Positive Thinking in the Land of Opportunity




 Let's do something to help this country....believe that the economy is good, believe that there are plenty of good jobs out there and many opportunities. This is a great country and the people who still believe in it will succeed. The US lost it's confidence after 9/11 and the only way to rebuild it is by each person believing that this is a great place to live and there are unlimited opportunities. If you have lost your job, don't spend each day thinking that there are not enough jobs or you will create that. People get hired every day, people get promoted every day, most people have jobs - so why not you?  You know your skills, you know your abilities, now go out there and show the world how good you are!

Every time somebody tells you that things are bad, you need to walk away and count your blessings, if you agree with them you are creating more bad feelings and negativity. Today is a beautiful day, full of opportunity and new beginnings. You are surrounded by sunshine and the light of positive energy emanates from your being. You feel good and you know that things are looking up, you are where you are supposed to be and you are heading in the right direction.


Even when bad things happen, things that you cannot control, you can still control the way that you react, you always have a choice. Let each day be perfect and wonderful and let yourself be the best person you can be. Be strong, be positive and be a wonderful positive light.

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