Having Great Expectations
When will my ship come in?

Living the Perfect Life!


We all want to live a perfect life and yet for some of us, it is a struggle to find ourselves and live life in a way that is true to who we really are. So here are some tips on getting it right.

1. Do things that feel good to you.

2. Use your gut instinct - your intuition when making decisions.

3. Spend some time in quiet meditation to find out who you really are.

4. Listen to your inner voice.

5. Make sure that when you act it is your decision. Family members and friends are well meaning but only you know your own soul.

6. Make sure that your actions will not harm others. Good karma comes from a pure soul.

7. Always have good intentions.

8. Say what you need to say in a sensitive way.

9. Help others and feel good about yourself.

10. Express your love.

11. Trust that others will believe in you when you believe in yourself.

12. Take care of your mind and your body. Respect starts with you.

13. Keep your surroundings clean so that you can allow positive energy to flow freely around you.

14. Surround yourself with like minded people - they will seek you out.

Realise that finding yourself may take awhile.  You may be aware that certain people or situations upset you and there does not seem to be a logical reason for it. Listen to yourself and avoid those people and things that do not resonate with you.  You will be so much happier when you are able to truly be yourself.

The answer is there inside of you..


The_wizard_of_oz___a_sing_along_at_the_castro_theatre "Just click your heels together three times and say...there's no place like home."

For me, it was a little bit like the end of the movie, "The Wizard or Oz" when Dorothy realises that she could have gone back to Kansas at any time but she had to learn some lessons first. Finding yourself is just like that, really simple when you have the answer and quite puzzling when you are still working on it!

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