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Goal Setting Day! Be Passionate!


It's the first Monday of a new month, and for many sales people it is the day when they have to sit down and write out their goals for the month. It's not just sales people, dieters, sports people, musicians, actors, everyone should be setting goals.

There is a difference between half heartedly writing out goals because your boss told you to do it and really writing out what you want with a passion. Any motivational guide will tell you that goals must be measurable, attainable and have a date where you will achieve them. You follow the instructions and then nothing happens, you don't reach your goals and then you give up!


The difference is passion, it is a belief in what you are trying to achieve, goals are not just ideas scribbled on a piece of paper because you feel you should write them down. You have to revisit your goals every day, say them over and over and block out the people who tell you that you cannot achieve those goals. The goals are yours, they are personal to you and it is your unwavering belief in yourself and your abilities that will enable you to succeed.

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