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Seeing your future....

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We all know that if we can see something then we may be able to make it happen. I have written before about positive visualisation. If you have worked out exactly what your goals are then the next step is to see them.

I took this wonderful vision board from Judith Morgan's blog, to see more please click on this link:  

Making a Vision Board

Making a vision board cam be fun, especially if you are able to access your inner child, the one who liked to do art projects at school.  You may just use a notice board and magnets or you may work on an abstract work of art. What matters is the energy you use in producing that vision. You may cut pictures from magazines, print them off the internet or paint the pictures yourself.

An artistic vision board, using a mosaic background, you could also use wrapping paper. I found this one on an interesting site about hypnosis. 

It doesn't matter what the work looks like to anyone else because it is your own creation and it is meaningful to you.  Some of my most successful clients have their vision boards on display at work so they can focus each day on why they are sitting at that desk and doing that job.

A simple vision board with a great mantra! Click the site below for more on this.

I have a goal book, which I keep near my bed, some of us like to be a little more discrete about our goals. The important thing is that each day you focus on your vision board and see the results that you are getting. When one item is completed you may want to add more, or you may prefer to make updating the board a monthly activity to keep you in the habit of refocusing your energy and ideas.

This is a great vision board for a specific purpose. You can see this and other inspiring ideas on The Chic Life  - click on the link: 

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