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Interview Tips

Some people excel at interviews, they have the confidence and personality to impress an interviewer, whilst others who may be better qualified for a position struggle with nerves.  Here are my tips for overcoming interview nerves.

  1. Be Prepared - do your research, who is the ideal candidate?
  2. Find out about the organisation.
  3. Read online reviews.
  4. Read your application so you can remember the information that you supplied.
  5. Read the requirements of the job so you can show what a good fit you will be for the position.
  6. Write some sample interview questions and practice answering them.
  7. Rehearse your interview with a friend.

Day of Interview

  1. Wear something appropriate for the position that you are applying for
  2. Wear something smarter than you would wear every day.
  3. Create the image of the person that you want to be.
  4. Break in new shoes the day before to make sure that they are comfortable.
  5. If you bought a new skirt make sure that you remove the labels and unpick the tacking stitches if there is a slit.
  6. Check that your undergarments are not visible (unless that is a requirement of the job), and stand in the light to see if your clothes are see through.
  7. Do not display too much flesh and wear hose if necessary.
  8. Be comfortable, wear layers if the climate suggests that you will be too warm or cold.
  9. Do not wear perfume that is too strong as this upsets some people.
  10. Keep yourself hydrated - avoid drinks that will stain if you spill them on your clothes
  11. Nail polish should be fresh if you wear it.
  12. Make up should be appropriate for the position you are applying to.
  13. Hair should be clean and off your face.

Things to help you relax on the way to an interview.

  1. Sing - it doesn't matter what you sing. Singing will relax you and warm up your vocal chords.
  2. Singing - will help you to speak clearly and should put a smile on your face.
  3. Get to the interview early - allow time for every problem you can think of -getting lost, elevators, parking a long way from the building, train strikes, traffic, bad weather.
  4. Eat to give yourself energy - freshen your breath.

Packing you interview bag

  1. I have heard that a flashlight in your bag will help you to find your way.
  2. Carry a lucky charm or some crystals to give you confidence.
  3. Spare copies of your resume.
  4. Pen
  5. Business cards if you have them.
  6. Phone, computer or tablet with contact information for previous jobs and referees.


  1. Remember, the interviewer is human
  2. I know some people will tell you to imagine the interviewer in their underwear -but be careful of this as you may get distracted wondering what type of underwear they are wearing or if they are wearing it and it could all go very wrong!
  3. Make a friend - try to find some commonality with the interviewer.
  4. Use similar body language to the interviewer
  5. Talk at the same speed as the interviewer, in other words mirror them, this is flattery and everyone likes that.
  6. Touch yourself lightly on the chest and ask who their ideal candidate would be!
  7. Have fun, show that you have a sense of humour -if you have one.
  8. Remember why you are a great candidate for the position
  9. Ask questions and be interested in the job itself -not just the vacations and benefits.
  10. Act as if you are interviewing them - remember you are in high demand and they will be lucky to be working with you.
  11. Use a firm hand shake if hand shaking is required do not be a wet fish.
  12. Find out what the next steps are and when you will receive a decision.
  13. Thank the interviewer, even if the interview was torture - you will have learned something.
  14. If the interviewer is critical of your past experience, count to ten, rephrase what they are saying to you and ask it as a question that would lead to a positive answer or make a statement that will amuse them, sometimes humor can take the sting out of an attack. Be strong.

After the interview

  1. Take a deep breath.
  2. Thank the interviewer -sending an email can work well.
  3. Follow up if you do not hear anything within the allotted time.


Good Luck!

College Advisor: I have worked in education for many years teaching business and information studies and advising students on which college program to take and which university to attend. I have helped hundreds of students with college applications. If you need a life coach to help you with anything related to education, please email me at [email protected] I can help you to set goals and give you the benefit of my experience.

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Caring College Advisor

Pc english pub2_2_face0  With the economy still in the doldrums and a lack of well paying jobs at any level the last few years have seen an unprecedented rise in the number of people seeking a college education. On the surface this sounds like a wonderful thing, a better educated and motivated workforce. A college education is great; you get to learn new things and most importantly learn how to think independently. However, many students are graduating from college with crippling student loan debt and unrealistic ideas about their job prospects and income potential, it would be so much better if these students had good advice before they signed up for a degree program.

A college admissions officer will give you some advice and try to help you to choose the right career, but they are employed by an organization who is paying them to sell you a degree program at their college, institute or university. An admissions person cannot tell you what your job prospects are and they cannot give you any information about salaries. Admissions officers will direct you to a website where you can look up information, if you know where to look and if you remember to do so; admissions people are relying on their charm to get you to sign an enrolment agreement and pay a registration fee to lock you into a program before have time to think!

It is a great idea to find out job placement rates, median student loan debt, student retention rates and graduation rates before you apply to college. Colleges do provide this information but it can be misleading if you are not familiar with it and it is usually really hard to find. An admissions will show you where to locate this information but do you really have time to read and understand it?


If you are not sure which career would suit you; it is a good idea to take some tests to identify your strengths and weaknesses and what type of work would suit your personality. If you are talking to an admissions officer at a school; they can only offer you their degree programs and make a quick guess about what might suit you based on a five minute conversation. Their aim is to enrol you, not to get to know you; at a for-profit schools your admissions officer is following a script just like a telemarketer.

So what can a college advisor offer you?

  • Personality tests to help you decide on a career.
  • Statistics showing you job prospects for your industry, pay rates, qualifications needed and future growth.
  • Statistics from potential schools on student outcomes.
  • A list of schools that offer the programs you are looking for.
  • Reviews of the schools from students and graduates.
  • Help completing forms
  • Help with essay writing and college applications.
  • Goal setting, follow up and coaching to ensure that you pursue your passion.
  • A reassuring voice when you need help!
  • A person who will give you honest advice and pull information from all sources that are available.

If you need help with getting into college, filling in your forms, researching colleges and careers, please email me: [email protected], $30 for 30 minutes, $50 per hour.



College Advisor: I have worked in education for many years teaching business and information studies and advising students on which college program to take and which university to attend. I have helped hundreds of students with college applications. If you need a life coach to help you with anything related to education, please email me at [email protected] I can help you to set goals and give you the benefit of my experience.

In UK: £20 for 30 minutes or £35 for 60 minutes. I use PayPal for payment and Skype to complete the reading. Please email me to set this up with your preferred time see below. [email protected].

 In US Time: I am available Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 2pm, 3pm, 4pm or 5pm Eastern Standard Time and Saturday 9 am, 10 am and 11 am EST. 

In UK time: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 7pm, 8pm and 9pm. Saturday 2 pm, 3pm and 4 pm.

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Interview Tips




Mystic Polly - Dream Interpreter, Tarot Card Reader and Kind Woman!



What does my dream mean?

My mother always said that I had a vivid imagination  - as a little girl, I was always seeing and hearing things that other people were not aware of. I did see things that moved around my room at night, I was scared of the dark and vivid imagination or not, I still believe that some of the things that I saw were "real". 

Years and years later, I still see and hear odd things, I have learned to tune in and tune out so that most of the time, I see and hear the same things that everyone else does. It's easier that way. Writing this blog has been a real leap of faith for me and has been many years in the making.

I realise that not everyone thinks the way that I do and that is fine, life would be boring if we were all the same. I have trained with many different teachers in intuitive development which has helped me to interpret the things that I see and hear. I am believe that the brain gives us messages in the form of symbols in our dreams and it is up to us to decipher the deeper message.

Dream Interpretation, Tarot Reading and/or Mediumship with Mystic Polly

Would you like a reading?

More than 30 years experience.

$25(£20) for a 30 minute face to face reading on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Payment is via PayPal.

Email me today:  [email protected]

Remember to let me know your time zone so we can set something up!

Readings are for entertainment only


Main blog page: What does my dream mean?

Please see list of dreams below.

Dream Interpretation List

Dreams about Transportation, cars, bikes, helicopters..

dream about riding a bike, unicycle or tricycle

Dream about driving a car

dream about a helicopter.

Dreaming about a drone

dream about a UFO

Dream about catching a plane

Dream about having someone on your back, dream about plane crash

Dream of a road

Dream meaning running away

Dream about moving backwards

Dream about Rocks

Dreams about clothes

Dream about shoes

Dream about losing a shoe

Dreaming about a hotel and wearing white

dream about losing your purse or handbag

Dream meaning out of breath, lost luggage, bus

Dream of losing your purse, dream of making dough; dream of photographs

Dream about Losing your Clothes

Dream about being naked .

Dreams about family and people

Dream about family moving away  

dream about talking babies 

Dream about having someone on your back  

Dream of looking for your date

dream about a room mate and musicians!

Dreams about buildings and furniture, man-made things

Dream about a helicopter, broken legs and a closet

Dream about Dorm Room and Key

Dream about Cell Phone or Mobile Phone

Dream about car park, road and driving

Dream about Driving and object in road

Dream about being lost in a hotel

dream about a house 

 Dream about Painting   

 Dream meaning scaffolding

Dream about stealing dishes ;

dream about television ;

Dream Meaning: Room mate, furniture, musicians ;

Dream about cups, dream about two ;

Dream of a sink ;

Dreaming about floors ;

Dream of Photographs ;

Dream about a mirror

Dream about candlesticks,

dream about book shelves

Dream about a book 

Dream meaning Park Bench ;

Dreaming of cutting the grass, mowing the lawn ;

Dream about a Statue

dream about fairground

Dream about job interview and clothes

Dream about Statues and Graveyard

Dreams about situations

dream of being blind ;

Dream about ex-boyfriends mother

Dream about Blood ;

Dream meaning out of breath,

lost luggage, bus ;

Dream of searching for your seat,

dream of looking for your date

Dream about an interview

Dream about pie,

dream about explosion ;

Dream of losing your purse,

dream of making dough;

dream of photographs

Dreaming of numbers,

dreaming of income  

Dream about retirement, drag queens and pink hair

Dream about cups,

dream about two

Dreams about nature and wildlife

dream meaning birds

 Dreaming of Ducks and Water Birds

Dreaming about birds flying

Dreaming about birds 1

Dream about alligators, crocodiles or caiman

Dreaming of butterflies,

dreaming of flowers

Dream about rocks ;

Dreaming about Fire,  ;

Dreaming about Mud

Dream meaning cobwebs

Dream about wolves

Dream meaning vintage car, department store and swamp

Dream meaning spider, Web and Dog

Dream of a forest and a cradle

Dream about escaping a spider web

Kind Woman!

kind woman blog

People who know me will understand why I have included the exclamation mark in the title. I am definitely a work in progress to becoming wise. What I do have, is a lot of experience. I have worked in many different fields, emigrated twice, been married and divorced once, been a mother twice and I am currently a carer. I am an intuitive person and I like to help people and the planet so some of my blog posts are about that. My latest thought was to develop a 'Carers Anonymous' group but that has not come to fruition yet.

Like most sensitive people I am also very interested in the environment, being kind to the planet and being kind to those around me, you will also find here my kind woman blog, where I attempt to be kind to the planet, to others and to myself.


Finally, I have written a few poems and included some art posts too!