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What does my dream about hair mean?


 What does my dream about hair mean? Read on to find out about all types of hair dreams.


This is my dream interpretation blog where I describe a dream, interpret the elements of the dream and then give a dream meaning. In today's dream our dreamer saw themselves washing their hair in a pond of green water but every time that they wanted to rinse the hair the water was soiled by someone spitting in the water. What does this dream mean?

Dream Meaning Hair

If you dream about hair it symbolises power and sexuality. If the hair was healthy and clean then this means that you are feeling powerful and strong and attractive. If the hair was dirty then you need to clean up and create a more positive image for yourself.

If you dream of having your hair cut and it was an attractive style, then it is a positive dream. You are enhancing your image. If your hair is cut and you are not happy with the results, this means that someone is competing with you and wants to take your power away.

If you dream that you are bald and are not bald in real life then you have lost your power. If you are bald and you dream of having hair then you are feeling vulnerable. 

Dreaming about having dyed your hair means that you are trying to change the way that people look at you. Dyeing your hair red is a need for more passion in your life, you may also be angry about something. Dyeing your hair yellow in a dream may mean that you are afraid of how other people see you, be more confident in your outlook. 

A dream about dyeing your hair orange means that you want other people to notice you and remember who you are. Hair dyed blue in a dream is a wish for you to communicate with others, perhaps you have been slow in showing others how strong and capable you are. When you dye your hair green in a dream you are either feeling jealous of those around you or you want to connect more with mother earth.

A dream about dyeing your hair purple means that you wish to connect more spiritually. Dreaming about white hair is a sign of pure power with the best of intentions whereas dyeing your hair black may mean that you are feeling a need to withdraw inside and deal with your inner world without interference from others.

Washing your hair is a symbol that you want to clean up your act but if the water was dirty then you are struggling to change the way that you are. You may need help from someone else.

Dreams about Spitting

Dreams about spitting are quite complex. If you were spitting to purify your lungs and were not spitting at anyone else then this is a sign of purification. You are getting rid of something negative. The same is true if you encourage someone to spit something out -this means that you want them to let you know what is happening so that you can help them to get better.

However, to spit at someone else or to have someone spit at you is a sign of disrespect, hatred and aggression.  

Today's Dream Meaning

Our dreamer was washing their hair so they had a need for purification. Unfortunately someone was spitting in the water which made it impossible for our dreamer to complete the process. The water was green so this symbolises jealousy. The dreamer must continue to work on being their best self despite the jealousy of someone around them. They must not let this person prevent them from following their life path and making improvements in themselves.

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Dream Interpretations

I started interpreting dreams when I was a teenager. I always had very detailed dreams and would recount them to my friends. A boyfriend bought me a dream dictionary and I started to delve into interpretation. Unfortunately, I found that many dreams had elements that were contradictory and so I did not get a good understanding of my dream by just using a dictionary.

I realised that different people have different relationships with dream symbols based on experience, their daily lives and culture. A person who keeps snakes will have a different interpretation of a snake dream to a person who has a fear of snakes.

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