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Dream about a snake bite

Pexels-pixabay-80474 (1)Did you have a scary dream about a snake bite?

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In today's dream, our dreamer was very busy. The dreamer had a pet snake and suddenly it bit the dreamer. It bit with only one fang but the dreamer was so busy that they did not pay attention to it. Our dreamer was aware that the snake bite could be fatal but because they were busy they decided to deal with it later when they started to feel physically sick. What does this dream mean?

Snakes Dream Meanings

Dreaming of snakes - snakes generally are symbolic of hidden enemies. If you are aware of snakes in your dream then people are trying to undermine you.

Stepping over snakes

In this dream you are aware of your enemies and you are avoiding confrontation.

Killing a snake

In this dream you defeated your enemy.

Playing with a snake

If you played with a snake and did not get bitten, this means that you have the confidence to win over your enemies. If you were bitten then you have become over confident and should take action to overcome those who oppose you.

Snake bite

If the snake bit you in your dream, you are being warned that your enemies can seriously damage you. It may be a physical or an emotional attack. If the snake bit you with one fang, it may be a warning bite telling you that things are bad but they can get worse.

The location on the body of the snake bite may also have a meaning for you. If the snake bit you in the hand then someone is trying to stop you from working. A snake bite in the leg may be someone trying to stop you from leaving. A snake bite in the foot may stop you from standing up for yourself -it is an attempt to weaken you. A snake bite in the body is a body blow and means that you will be totally shocked by the attack on you by your enemies. A snake bite in your face would mean that someone is jealous of the way you look.

Dream Interpretation

Today's dream is a warning to the dreamer. The dreamer is so busy that they are not being careful or watchful of their enemies. The snake was a pet so the dreamer was not expecting to be attacked. The dreamer did not take the attack seriously even though it could be life threatening. It was a bite with one fang so the dreamer felt that it was not serious. The dreamer needs to slow down and take care of their health and stop worrying about what other people expect of them.

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