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What does my dream about cooking mean?

Did you dream about cooking? Who did you cook for? What did you cook? Did you walk upstairs? Dream interpretation is here!


The Dream

This is my blog where I describe a dream, interpret the elements of the dream and then give a dream meaning. In today's dream our dreamer finds themselves preparing lots of dishes for other people. They cook pasta and salmon and try to keep track of who is eating. The oven starts giving off fumes. The dreamer runs out of salmon and has to cook more pasta. The dreamer then goes upstairs and is worried because they are not wearing any underwear and they do not want the relatives to look up and notice this. What does this dream mean?

Cooking Dreams

To dream about cooking for others means that you are nurturing those around you. If you dream about cooking for yourself then you are concentrating on taking care of your own health needs.If the meal was good then you are performing these tasks successfully but if it was poor or burnt then you are probably overdoing it.

Burnt Food Dream

If you burnt a dish cooked for someone else you may be caring too much for someone else's needs and ignoring your own.

Type of Food Cooked

The meaning of the type of food cooked depends on the quality of the food. If you dreamed about cooking rich or luxurious food then you are able to take care of others or yourself in comfortable surroundings and life is rich. If you dream about cooking basic food like pasta then you are doing your best to provide for others with what you have, it may be simple but your help is given with love. Nutritious food is a sign that you really care about the people that you cook for, it may be more important to do the right thing than to try to impress them.

Bad Food Dream

If you dreamed of preparing bad food, that is rotten or spoiled it means that you are unable to succeed in your desire to help others because you do not have the basic ingredients. It is possible that your needs are greater than those around you. It is more important to take care of yourself first.

If you dreamed of eating bad food, then you are being warned to be careful about those you spend time with. Your environment is toxic and you may be sickened by those around you. It could be bad relationships.

Salmon Dream

Salmon in a dream is a signal of good fortune and good luck. Eating salmon represents the consumption of riches. Enjoying wealth. Red or pink food may mean that you are rich in passion and love.

Dreaming of salmon swimming upstream means that you will be successful in swimming against the current. You will be rewarded for being creative and taking a different view than everyone else.

Cooking salmon symbolises nourishment and abundance.

Pasta Dream

Eating pasta in a dream means that you will have a lot of energy and stamina to do the things that you love. Cooking pasta means that you are using something simple and trying to make it look good. It is a comfort food so perhaps you are looking for security.

Dream about Not Wearing Underwear

This is a common dream, it means that you are feeling exposed. You feel inadequate and you do not want to be judged by others.

Walking Upstairs Dream

Any dream when you walk upstairs means that you are trying to reach a higher level, this could be spiritually or financially. This is a positive dream. This is a slow steady climb to higher things.

Walking Downstairs Dream

Any dream where you are going downwards, refers to a loss of status. Things are moving in the wrong direction, you may be deliberately taking a step down from a position or this may have been forced on you. Walking means that changes happen slowly.

Meaning of Today's Dream

The dreamer in today's dream is taking care of everyone else, they are cooking lots of meals for others and having trouble keeping track of what is happening. The dreamer is not taking care of their own needs. The burning from the oven shows that they are doing too much and it may be detrimental to them.

Cooking salmon means that they are trying to offer a nice existence to those that they care for, also taking care of their basic needs with pasta.  The dreamer has lots of people to cook for and there are endless demands for more help. The dreamer wants to go upstairs and improve themselves but they are embarrassed because they are not wearing underwear. The dreamer does not want to be judged by others.

Tarot Card Associated with this Dream

The Six of Pentacles

This card represents balance and power and giving to others in need. Unlike the dream where our dreamer has let the giving of their time become out of balance. In this card the giver is able to measure what is donated but also take care of their own needs.

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