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Dream about a bugle and a band

Did you have a dream about getting lost?

Dreams about being lost, not recognising family or not feeling safe - the meanings are here, read on......


The Dream

This is my blog where I describe a dream, interpret the elements of the dream and then give a dream meaning. In today's dream our dreamer attends a family reunion. They meet up with some family members that they have not see in a long time but they do not recognise them. Feeling uncomfortable the dreamer leaves the reunion on foot and then realises that they are lost. The dreamer walks around the streets and cannot find anything familiar. A young person flies a drone near to the dreamers head. The dreamer then finds themselves near a bunch of students but does not fit in with them either. The dreamer feels that they are in a foreign country.

What does this dream mean?

Dream about family reunion

If you dreamed about a family reunion your subconscious is telling you that you have issues about your role in the family. Perhaps you have already flown from the nest and a reunion is a chance for you to feel safe and secure with those around you. If you still live at home it might be a warning that you need to gain your own identity by moving away.

If you did not recognise your family or the reunion was not harmonious then you are feeling alienated. Perhaps you chose a different path from the rest of your family or perhaps you moved abroad and have lost touch. This can give rise to feelings of insecurity as you may have no team to back you up if you ever need help.

Dream about getting lost

If you dreamed about getting lost whether it is in a city or a forest it means that you have lost track of yourself. You are unsure of what your goals are. You may be feeling alienated and not comfortable with the decisions you have made.

Dream about drone

If you dream about a drone flying over you then you may be worried that people are spying on you. You are feeling a lack of privacy. If someone attacked you with a drone, then you feel that  people are using technology to hurt you. There is a feeling of lack of privacy as the drone is able to follow you at a height. 

Dream about students

Dreaming about students if you are a student means that you are surrounded by like minded people who want to improve themselves. If you dreamed about students and you are not a student, if you enjoyed the encounter then you are ready to learn a life lesson. If you were uncomfortable with the students then you are not ready to learn anything new, you have closed your mind to new information.

Dream about a foreign country

Dreaming of being abroad may be positive or negative depending on your reaction to the situation. If you were happy and enjoying the environment then you are ready to experience something new and different. If you were uncomfortable in the foreign environment you aren't comfortable with your choices, you are feeling alienated by those around you. 

Dream meaning

Today's dream is all about change, our dreamer does not recognise their family. The family has changed, perhaps the dreamer had a long absence and can no longer feel close to those they loved. The dreamer tries to leave the situation but becomes more lost and uncomfortable. The dreamer sees the drone and feels a lack of privacy and under attack. The dreamer meets students and is not comfortable because they do not want to learn any new lessons. It is possible that the dreamer is longing for the past before everything changed.

Tarot Card Associated with this Dream

RWS_Tarot_18_Moon.jpg (300×528)The moon represents the unconscious and the hidden. The similarity between the dreamer and this card is that the card shows a dog and wolf howling at the moon. They are distracted from their paths and exploiting their animal nature. Our dreamer is lost and has come away from their path so that they do not recognise where they are or those that they should be close to.

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