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Did you have a dream about getting lost?

Did you have a disturbing dream about big cats?

Did you dream about lions, jaguars, tigers or cheetahs? Were you attacked by a wild cat? Answers are here!


Dream about Big Cats

This is my blog where I describe a dream, interpret the elements of the dream and then give a dream meaning. In today's dream the dreamer is out for a walk and they notice a group of wild cats on the top of a hill. There are lions, tigers and cheetahs standing together. The dreamer is worried about being attacked and so decides to walk away. The dreamer feels safe but then feels a cheetah bite their ankle. The dreamer then wakes up. What does this dream mean?

Dream about Lions

Lions symbolise pride, power and strength. If you ran away from this then you are not feeling confident in your abilities, you do not want to be noticed. If you were attacked by a lion, then you need to pay attention to your strength and power as others see you as weak. To be friends with a lion shows that you are strong and have a good sense of who you are. To kill a lion means that you are destroying yourself by being over confident.

Dream about Tigers

Tigers symbolise aggression, bravery and persistence. Dreaming of running away from a tiger means that you are scared of what lies ahead and perhaps you are impatient about finding a solution to a problem. If you encounter a peaceful tiger then you are brave, persistent and able to control your aggression. To be attacked by a tiger means that you are being overly aggressive in your approach to others. Being bitten by a tiger in a dream means that you are being too meek and others will take advantage of you.

Dream about Cheetahs

Cheetahs symbolise speed and agility. A positive encounter with a cheetah means that you are you are quick to deal with situations and able to cope with situations that need you to think on your feet. To be chased by a cheetah means that you are feeling trapped and unable to move on from a situation in your life. Killing a cheetah in a dream means that you will be unable to move on from a current situation. If you are bitten by a cheetah then you need to escape from a situation as others are seeing you as weak and vulnerable.

Dream about Jaguar

Jaguars in a dream represent inner power and control of your urges. If you are chased by a jaguar you are being overtaken by your innermost desires. This can be both positive and negative depending on the desires represented. Killing jaguar means that you are suppressing your primal urges in a way that is detrimental to you. To be bitten by a jaguar is a warning to take care of your own needs as it is unhealthy to ignore them.

Dream about Lynx, (smaller wild cats)

Lynx and other small wild cats in a dream symbolise stealth, secrecy and cunning. If you ran away from a Lynx then you are afraid of looking into a situation in case you find out something unpleasant. If you kill a wild cat in your dream you will find that your secrets are exposed. If you watch a Lynx or have a positive encounter then you a able to keep secrets and act in a stealthy and cunning way.

Dream meaning

In today's dream our dreamer encountered lions, tigers and cheetahs. The dreamer was afraid that others in their environment were braver, more confident, faster and more aggressive and so the dreamer retreated. This is a typical fight or flight response. Our dreamer does not want to be in a situation of conflict, however they are pursued and attacked by the cheetah. The cheetah bit them in the foot which means that it is difficult to run away from a situation. The dream means that it is time to face up to an uncomfortable situation and to make plans to move on before it is too difficult to escape.

Tarot Card Associated with this Dream




This card represents inner strength, the woman is able to use her powers to tame the lion. She is calm and strong and brave and has the qualities of a lion.

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