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What does my scary dream about the antichrist mean?

So you had a scary dream about a bad person?

close up shot of a person in darth maul costume

There are all types of scary characters in our dreams, read on to see what they mean…

Scary People Dreams

This is my blog where I describe a dream, interpret the elements of the dream and then write a dream meaning. Today’s dream is all about scary archetypes that may appear in dreams.

The Scary Dream

In today’s dream our dreamer sees a lot of people on costume. Our dreamer is giving these people a jab against a disease, one of the people reacts differently to the had and the dreamer realises that he is the antichrist. He is evil. The dreamer pretends not to notice that he is different. He is perhaps an alien or maybe a lizard person.

The dreamer thinks that this is a game and that they can reboot so they re start the game and Darth Vader appears. The evil person knows that the dreamer has discovered him and he will not start the game again.

What does this mean?

Dream meaning Costumes

Dreaming about people in costumes is a recognition that people are often playing a part in their lives. They are acting out a role, it could be a role at work or a role at home. Wearing a costume implies that the person is playing at their role. This is not who the person really is.

A person wearing a costume in a dream is in disguise. They could be a good person pretending to be bad or a bad person who is pretending to be good or somewhere in between. The person may be deceiving you knowing that you are in on the game or you may be oblivious to the deceit.

If you are wearing a costume in a dream, think about why you were wearing it and how you feel about the costume. Are you putting on an act in your life? How effective is your acting? Perhaps you are not following your true path and the costume is a reminder that your true self is hidden.

Dream meaning Injection

Dreaming about an injection may mean that you are afraid of your environment. You are either in a place that is uncomfortable or toxic or you feel that you need extra help to keep yourself safe.

If you are afraid of the injection it means that you are scared of losing control of a situation. You may be feeling a lack of power and that the authorities are having too much control over your life.

To dream of giving an injection to others to help them, means that you are willing to give tough love. Sometimes you are doing the right thing but others may not appreciate it at the time.

Dream of the Antichrist

If you dream about someone who is dangerous and pure evil you fell that you are in danger. The antichrist is so strong and powerful that you are feeling unable to cope with the forces around you. Your reaction to this person will give you an idea of how to cope with this.

If you hid from the antichrist then you are in denial about the seriousness of the situation. You cannot hide forever and one day you will have to face the problem.

If you prayed and the antichrist went away, then your faith is strong enough to overcome all types of evil. If the antichrist did not go away, then you will need help from others to defeat the problems that you are facing.

Fighting with an evil entity and winning means that you are ready, willing and able to take on whatever life throws at you. Fighting and losing means that you still have a lot to learn, perhaps you need some more training to give you the tools to succeed.

Dream meaning Alien

Dreaming about an alien may mean that you are not feeling at home in your environment or that someone new and strange has entered your orbit. You relationship with the alien will give you an idea of what this means.

To befriend an alien means that you are open minder and willing to try new things. You have a great spirit of adventure. To be afraid of the alien means that you are feeling threatened and suffering from anxiety. Perhaps the people around you are behaving oddly or you are living in a foreign country where you are the alien.

If the alien is evil you will need to use all of your skills to handle a tricky situation. It is likely that the alien is smarter than you are so you need to be on your guard.

Dream meaning Darth Vader

Darth Vader is one of many potential characters that can appear in your dreams. He represents someone who was once good or appeared to be good but then turned to the dark side. Darth Vader represents someone in your life who was once a friend but who has turned and betrayed you in a big and hurtful way.

Your interactions with Darth Vader will give you an idea of how you might handle the situation. If you had a fight and won then you will overcome the problems in this relationship. If the situation was not resolved, you may have to walk away.

Meaning of today’s scary dream

In today’s dream our dreamer is trying to protect those around them by giving injections. The people are in costume because they are playing roles and perhaps they fear that someone amongst them is dangerous. Nobody is their true selves.

The dreamer discovers the source of the problem but then has to be clever to keep safe from the source of the evil. This is the antichrist, alien character. Rebooting the game, represents restarting a relationship, trying to go back to square one. The dreamer has had a bad experience with someone, they became the alien, antichrist so they want to mend the relationship. The person involved will not let this happen.

He is Darth Vader, the friend who turned to the dark side and for him, there is no going back. Unfortunately our dreamer was unable to solve the problem.

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