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How to work with spirit

How to work with spirit

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Understanding spirit messages

Types of Messages

Your spirit guides may choose to communicate with you in many different ways. Many people do not communicate with spirit because they do not believe it is possible, they may be scared or someone has told them that it is wrong to talk to spirits.

You may notice that young children and pets see and are aware of spirits and invisible beings. This is because they are not afraid, they are open to communicate. In order for a spirit to talk to us there are many methods- words, visions, sounds, smells, physical phenomena to name a few. All you have to do is to be aware.

Word Messages

This is when a spirit puts words into your mind. You can ask for information and then you will be given words and messages. Often the words may be ones that you do not regularly use. Sometimes the words are unfamiliar and must be written down and then the meanings checked in a dictionary.

These words may describe a person, a place, a memory or they can be advice about a situation. It is important to write these things down to help you remember and give yourself time to work out the meaning.


Spirit may choose to give you visions particularly if you are a visual person. Visions may be pictures that appear in your mind or they may come in the form of dreams. The visions can be about anything, a person, an event, you may be remote viewing. the context will relate to a question that you have asked. Dreams of course are less directed although some people are able to control their dreams too.


A spirit may communication by playing a sound or even a tune. The tune may have a message in the lyrics if it is a song or it may be a memory or favourite tune of a deceased person who wants to get in touch.


Have you ever become aware of a smell that came from nowhere? Spirits often communicate with various odours. A familiar smell can be noticeable from the spirit of someone that you know well. You may also notice floral smells or more musty odours. This is another method of letting you know that you are not alone.

Physical Phenomena

There is a huge range of physical phenomena that can happen to let you know that spirit is near. Spirits are doing this to get your attention. Items may move, floors may creak, the temperature may drop. You may notice, lots of butterflies or keep finding feathers – think about who may be trying to get in touch.

How to interpret messages from spirit

  1. Keep an open mind
  2. Describe what you see, this often will give you a sensible message
  3. Write everything down to give your mind time to process information
  4. Think of a game of charades – message interpretation takes practice
  5. Spirits are on another plane so talking to us is a bit like yelling through a door.
  6. Your spirit guide will help you to practice and will repeat messages in various forms until they get through to you.
  7. If you are not receptive to messages the spirit guide will communicate with you through a medium.
  8. You can use communication tools such as tarot, pendulum, crystal balls to help receive messages.

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