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What does it mean to dream about time?


Have you ever been aware of time in a dream?

Dreams about time

Time is supposed to be a man-made construct and in waking life many of us let time control our lives. It is fairly unusual to be aware of time in our dreams, so when we do dream about time it’s a good idea to consider the significance of this dream.

Dreams about watches and clocks

Dreaming about a watch or clock shows that you are aware of time passing, the clock or watch is the method of you finding out how that time has passed. The more luxurious the watch or clock the more comfortable your life is.

Time passes for everyone but a nice gold watch means that your life is going well. A technologically advanced watch would mean that you are filling your life with gadgets. A big clock means that time is really important or significant for you -perhaps you need to work hard to reach your goals. A small clock is a gently reminder to get on with your life .

Dreams about specific times

If you dream about the time 3:33 you are thinking about your life’s purpose. Take note of anything else is your dream that will help you to decipher what this is.

Dreaming about 11:11 may be a message from your spirit guides to get on track with your spirituality.

Dream about 1 is telling you that there are new beginnings for you.

Dream about 2 is about partnerships, think about the other contents of this dream to find out what type of partnership this is.

Dream about number 3 is about growth. You will be expanding your circle either in business or socially.

Dream about number 4, this is a dream about stability in your life.

A dream that involves 5, means that you will have conflict in your life.

Whereas a dream about number 6 means that there will be a new harmony and love around you.

When you dream about number 7, there is some magic in the air, you are getting nearer to your goal.

Dreams about the number 8, show that you have come a long way, but there is still some work to do on a project.

Number 9 in a dream shows that you plans have almost reached completion.

Number 10 means that your goals are reached, 11 is about your spiritual life and your partner and 12 is about growth in a new project.

Dream about a stopped clock

Dreaming about a stopped clock is a warning. This dreams means that time has run out for you or someone close to you. Analyse the other aspects of the dream to see what this refers to. It may not mean death but the end of a chapter.

The dream is telling you to move on with our goals because time is running out.

Tarot Card Associated with this Dream

Rider Tarot Deck -Wheel of Fortune

I chose the Wheel of Fortune because it reminds me of a clock. The clock is also circular and different points on the clock and the wheel have different meanings. The wheel of fortune is a reminder that life is full of ups and downs. The significance of the wheel is that we must remember that in life there are seasons at times there is success and other times there are disappointments.

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