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What does my ghost dream mean?

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Where you chased by a ghost? Read on to find out what it means....

The Dream

This is my blog where I describe a dream, analyse the elements of the dream and then give a dream meaning. Today's dream is about a ghost. Our dreamer meets a ghost who is a relative. The ghost shows them a lot of old photographs and a home where they used to live. The home was built on the site of a really old building but it has been rebuilt. Despite this the energy from the old building still remains. The photographs are of the ghost and family sitting in an early motor car. What does this dream mean?

Ghost Dream

Dreaming of ghosts is quite common. Ghosts are associated with the past. Dreaming of a ghost means that something from the past is effecting you, you are being haunted. The actions of the ghost will give you an idea of what the dream means. If the ghost attacked you then there are things in the past that are causing you a problem.

If you were scared of the ghost then a past situation needs to be resolved so that you can move forward without fear. If the ghost chased you, the past is trying to catch up with you. If you were friends with the ghost you are comfortable with your past.

Photograph Dream Meaning

Looking at photos in a dream means that you are feeling nostalgia for a time gone by. This is especially true if the photos had good memories. Photo's that are unpleasant mean that there are unpleasant memories for the past that you are reminded of. Perhaps it's time to take some action to change the situation.

Car Dream Meaning

Cars are the vehicles that many of us use to move through life. The more luxurious the car the more stylish our existence. If the car breaks down it is a warning that you may need to change your life style. An old car means that life is traditional with no frills. The colour of the car will tell you more about your life's journey. e.g. a red car means that you focus on passion, a yellow car means that you are optimistic, an orange car means that you are creative and a green car is associated with caring for others. A blue car means that you are a good communicator. A purple car means that you are more interested in spiritual pursuits.

What Does This Dream Mean?

Today's dreamer dreamed about a ghost who was a relative. The dreamer is haunted by memories of relatives who are no longer alive. The ghost points out that the home they live in has history and although the dreamer may change things, the energy of the building will be the same. The car shows that the relative was well off for the time and had a comfortable life. It is important for the dreamer to be aware of the family history before taking steps to modernise or change anything. It seems to be a request to respect the decisions of the dreamers ancestors.

Tarot Card Associate with this Dream

Ten of Pentacles

Meaning of Ten of Pentacles

The ten of pentacles is about family, it is about relationships between the different generations and also the home. The dream was about communication between different generations in the family and the family home. The car in the dream represents abundance and the pentacles represent finances. The ten is the pinnacle of financial success and abundance.

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