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What does it mean when you dream about the airport?

black and green luggage bag on brown carpet

Perhaps your bag wasn't packed or you forgot something?

Today's dream example

Our dreamer dreamt that they were at the airport getting ready to board a plane. Unfortunately, they realise that they do not have their bag packed correctly. Then the dreamers mother, who is in spirit tries to help the dreamer pack the bag but she cannot help.

The dreamer's daughter is at the airport but the son is not there. The dreamer tells airport security that she has weed, even though she does not have any. They both laugh. The dreamer then sees two male cousins at the airport, they have burned their testicles and are sitting in a bowl of water. The dreamer does not catch the plane.

What does this dream mean? Read on for interpretations of each element of the dream.

Dream about airport

A dream about an airport is about moving on in life, it can be about rising above and then making a fresh start. An airport may also represent the starting point of taking a holiday and escaping from the every day.

An organised and smooth trip to the airport means that you have made plans and it is the right time to be making a move or to get away. A difficult journey through the airport means that plans need to be refined before you set them in motion.

If the problem at the airport was caused by the dreamer then the dreamer is not ready to take the next step but if it is an airport problem then there are external factors that are preventing the dreamer from reaching their goals.

Dream about luggage/baggage

Luggage represents what we feel is important to take with us. It can represent our experiences and our values. Luxurious luggage would be positive experiences , messy luggage can be all the emotional trials and turmoil of life.

Unfortunately, losing luggage is a warning that if you are not careful you will lose something valuable, you need to take care of your possessions and relationships. Do not take people for granted.

Baggage represents the emotional relationships that we keep with us however, sometimes we need to let it go.

Dream about Mother

Generally dreams about a mother are about someone who cares deeply for the dreamer and who has been selfless in assisting the dreamer. If the dreamer has a negative relationship with their mother this will be reflected in the relationship in the dream.

A mother in spirit in a dream is still the same positive helpful force to make life better.

Dream about children

If you dream about your own children, these represent those that you care about and feel responsible for. If you do not have children of your own, they may represent individuals who are relying on you for help and support.

To dream that a child is missing may mean that the dreamer feels unable to connect with that child emotionally. The dreamer and the child are not in the same space, physically and/or emotionally.

Dream about Airport Security

Airport security or any type of security personnel are there to ensure safety. They make the airport safe and ensure that everyone is obeying the rules. Happily when airport security in a dream are trying to help you, those in authority will be of assistance to you. To dream of an altercation with airport security means that the dreamer would like to bend the rules to gain an advantage, this is a warning that you are likely to get found out if you break the rules.

Dream about Weed

Weed represents a substance used to escape from reality and to make life more bearable or fun. It can be used for pain or to get high. Dreaming about this will depend on the context that the weed was used. If could show a desire to escape, to get high, to rise above even if it is just for a short while. The dreamer feels that life is painful or difficult to deal with and the dream is a wish to make things better.

Dream about Cousins

A dream about cousins is a sign that you are thinking of your larger family group. Family is important and depending on the actions of the cousins you are hoping to remain close to extended family.

Conversely, a dream about fighting with cousins is a sign that the extended family is getting in your way. Helpful cousins means that you whole family support in your endeavours.

Dreaming about Testicles

If you dreamed about testicles whether male or female this dream represents masculinity. Testicles represent aggression, bravery and other typical male descriptors. The context of the testicles will give the dreamer an idea about the meaning. A female with balls is brave, and so is a man with large balls. If the testicles are injured this is a sign of being emasculated. Sadly, if someone or something has taken away your power if testicles are missing or damaged.

Dream of missing a plane

If you miss a plane in the dream, you have missed the opportunity to go away. This may not be a bad thing if the dreamer was unprepared. The emotions of the dreamer need to be taken into account to get a true meaning of this dream.

What does today's dream mean?

Our dreamer was at the airport this shows that they would like to get away from a situation. However, they are not ready they have the wrong baggage, so emotionally they cannot go away at this time.

Fortunately, the mother trying to help our dreamer get away shows that even in spirit the mother would like to help the dreamer escape from all of the emotional baggage. The daughter is at the airport, this means that she is ready to support and be with her mother wherever she travels. The son is not at the airport so he is not prepared or ready to take on a new journey or to make any changes to his life at this time.

Dreaming about joking with airport security, shows that the dreamer is confident and feels that those around understand the situation. Joking about weed is a sign that the dreamer has been through a lot and has thought about getting external help to make things better in the short term.

The two cousins with the burned testicles mean that the dreamer's family are feeling weak. They have been injured and lost their confidence they are also not ready to move on from the current situation. The cousins are getting some basic help, the water, and hopefully the too will be ready to move on.

The dreamer does not get on the plane because they are not ready at this time but hopefully in the future the family will heal and they will all be able to move on together.

What was your travel dream about?

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