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What does it mean when you dream about owls?

gray owl perched on a tree stamp

Is it a symbol of wisdom or death?

Owl Symbolism

Owls have been associated with knowledge and wisdom. They apparently have excellent memories, they like to use existing nests and structures not wasting time building their own nests. They are resilient often mobbed by other birds but generally taking no notice of this.

They can symbolise spirituality, they have amazing eyesight and hearing, This makes them amazingly perceptive, hunting in the dark and hearing tiny creatures from far away. They are also ghostly with their silent flight and approach.

In some cultures they are revered for their intelligence and they are seen as protective. Other cultures associate owls with death and bad luck. Here is a fantastic guide to owl symbolism.

Dream about a hooting owl

If the owl was hooting during the day, it could be associated with death. However, means a complete change not necessarily a physical death. For instance if other elements of your dream are about your career, it may mean that you will change jobs. If they are about a relationship, then you and your partner may part ways.

If the owl hooted at night, it means that your subconscious is calling you to pay attention to your circumstances. Use your intuition to make decisions rather than pure logic.

Dream about an owl attack

The circumstances of the attack will give you an idea of the meaning. If you were attacked by the owl, this is a warning that you are not thinking things through in your life. Someone with greater insight than you is going to benefit from your lack of clarity to a situation. Watch your back!

To see someone else attacked by an owl means that you are witnessing what happens when others do not make good decisions. It could be a warning that you are also likely to have problems. Give yourself some time to think through a situation before making a final decision.

Pay attention to how you feel about the attack, was it justified? Did the owl win? Perhaps you are being called upon to be the wise person who uses your knowledge to protect others.

Dream about an owl in a tree

If you dreamed about an owl sitting in a tree at night then you are comfortable with who you are and your current level of knowledge. If the owl is agitated then this is a reminder that you need to work on your subconscious and spiritual side in order to come to terms with a situation.

If the owl was eating, then you will have an abundance of knowledge that will lead you to a good job that will put food on the table.

Dream about a friendly owl

Dreaming about a friendly owl is telling you that this is a good time to explore your spirituality and your psychic abilities. The doors of knowledge are open to you at this time and you are being welcomed to learn more.

Dream about a owl flying

If the owl was flying, it was most likely using it’s amazing powers of sight and hearing to hunt for prey. You are being asked to use your intuition and your skills to become successful in your chosen field. If the owl was flying during the day, then your usual patterns will temporarily be disrupted but you can expect things to get back to normal soon.

Dream about a swimming owl

If the owl was swimming, you are being asked to take your skills and knowledge in a whole new direction. You will feel out of your element but if the owl survived the swim then you will be able to prosper.

Dream about an owl in a nest

If your owl dream featured an owl in a next, this means that your knowledge and skills will be needed to nurture and protect others who are not as advanced as you are. You may be asked to protect someone who is vulnerable. The message is that you are capable of caring for others.

Dream about baby owls

If you dreamed about young or baby owls, whether it was one or several. Each owl represents a new area of knowledge or wisdom that is available to you, should you devote the time to developing new skills.

Species of owls in dreams

There are many species of owls, look at the characteristics of the owl in your dream to work out the meaning. A small owl, would mean a limited amount of knowledge, where a large owl, such as an eagle owl represents knowledge and power. A burrowing owl would represent knowledge that is unusual and unique. A ghostly looking owl such as a barn owl, may represent the subconscious, psychic type knowledge. A screech owl may be one that is giving you a warning of some danger ahead.

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