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Do you remember a past life?

angel art black and white clouds

Have you lived before?

Would you like to be reincarnated?

We cannot be 100% sure that reincarnation exists. It is in some ways comforting to think that after you die, you might come back and get to do some things better than you did before. You might also get the feeling that you really don’t want to do it all again! In any case, you do not get to do the same things exactly as presumably time has moved on.

Reincarnation and Religion

Reincarnation is accepted as part of many Indian and Lebanese religions, including parts of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. It is not necessary to be part of these religions to believe in reincarnation. In some belief systems you will have a rebirth which could be into a different realm. There are 3 good realms, god, demigod and human and three evil realms animals, ghosts and hellish. Your acts in this life will determine your rebirth.

Much seems to depend on Karma and reward with a better life for good deeds and punishment for ignorance and selfishness. When a soul has reached the highest evolved level, then it will no longer need to reincarnate but will focus on helping other souls to evolve. This could be in the form of a spirit guide.

How long does it take to reincarnate?

In many Buddhist traditions it is believed that souls reincarnate within 49 days of death. Whereas others will say that it can take years or hundreds of years before a soul returns. There is a theory that due to free will, the soul will decide which new body to occupy.

After death, it may take time to digest the lessons from this life or there may be a need to go back quickly to make amends or to help someone.

Spirit Contact and Reincarnation

This is a puzzle without an easy answer. If we are able to talk to people who are on the other side, can we still talk to them if they have been reincarnated as someone else? Perhaps we can only contact them if they have not yet been reincarnated or perhaps it is possible to get in touch with reincarnated souls who are now living a new life?

In which case someone could be trying to contact you. Think about this, sometimes when you dream, you may be aware of an alternative life. Do you visit familiar places in dreams that you have never visited? Do you have friends in your dreams who you do not know in this life? They could be symbols or in fact people and places from a past life.

If reincarnation is real, then we have all lived before and perhaps we have family members who are trying to get in touch with us. Is it possible that we can have contact with people from our past lives in our dreams?

Memories of Past Lives

The most prominent research on this is being completed at the University of Virginia. At the department of perceptual studies there have been 50 years of research on reincarnation. Many interviews have been conducted with young children and their families who have memories of a past life.

Many of the children are aged between 2 and 7 years old. They will often be playing and see something that reminds them of a past life. The child will talk about where they lived previously, relationships and often how they died. Most of these children had died suddenly or violently in a past life. The child will often have a birthmark at the site of a past life trauma. These children will often recall their names and family relationships which has made it easier to check the truth of these stories. Many children come back to live in the same geographical area usually within one to two years of their previous death.

This is the most compelling evidence of reincarnation. Some scientists have tried to explain this away as false memories, coaching from parents and vivid imaginations. However when times and dates and names are involved this seems unlikely.

Do you have memories of a past life?

Many people will have a past life recollection, it might be of dying or a memory triggered by an object. Museums are great places to trigger past life memories. Did you experience death? It may have been a bit like Alice in Wonderland falling down the rabbit hole. Perhaps you remember falling? Did you die in a fire or a did you drown? Sometimes the most traumatic previous life experiences will be recalled. Do you think that you were executed?

When you visit old buildings, do you remember being there before? Perhaps you were in a similar space? Does a walk in the woods trigger a previous life experience? Give yourself some time and space and write down what you remember. You may surprise yourself!

Past Life Regression

It is possible to have a past life regression under hypnosis or meditation. There are many interesting documented cases of this and of course much scepticism. Hypnosis can unlock parts of the unconscious mind and may enable healing of past hurts.

Some years ago, I took part in a past life regression hypnosis. I was taken back through my childhood, through the womb and to a past life as a servant in a large country house. I was a wife to a coal miner and had a daughter that died. It was an interesting experience and I am open minded about the truth of it.

The most remarkable part was being in the womb, it was so cramped and I really felt small. The emotions were real too, I had a terrible feeling when my husband was injured and my daughter died. It was very real, the feeling was of powerlessness. The lesson I learned was that I cannot control death and tragedy as much as I want to protect my family.

Criticism of Past Life Regression

Much criticism is made of past life regression because it is said that people get things wrong when they recount their clothes, the voices do not change to the correct speech of the time or their are historical inaccuracies. I am sure that these things are true but not a reason to discount past life regression.

When under hypnosis or in a trance we are still aware of who we are, often our thinking minds interpret what we are seeing so we do not always report exactly what is being experienced without adding a current life filter. In my past life regression, I felt that I was part of a Jane Austen novel because that was the correct period, so it would be possible for this to interfere with my recollection of what happened under hypnosis.

Your Life’s Purpose

This may seem a strange place to write about this but if you believe in reincarnation then you came back here with a mission. What is your mission? Do you want to help people? Are you a healer or a teacher? Do you want to make the world more beautiful with art or music? Are you called to help the poor or to be an advocate for others?

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What does my dream about cats mean?

This is my dream blog, where I describe a dream, analyse the elements of the dream and then interpret the dream.


In today's dream, our dreamer took a train journey. Getting off the train they had loads of luggage and set about finding a hotel room. The luggage became too heavy so they gave the luggage to 3 boys to take care of. There were lots of women smiling at the dreamer and they were having a good time. They dreamer tried to book into a hotel but there were lots of obstacles so this did not happen. Next the dreamer is in a park full of cats of different colours. The dreamer becomes intrigued by the blue cats. What does this dream mean?

Dream Elements

Dream Meaning Train Journey

A train journey represents your life's path. It is on a set line and going in the direction that you wish to travel. Unless you are on the wrong train or if the train becomes derailed. You are happy to let others guide you on your journey and you trust that you will arrive where you need to be at the right time. Unless your dream involved being late or early, then this would mean that your life is either happening later than you want or things are happening too quickly for you if it was early. If the train driver was bad or the journey was bad in some way, then you need to regain control of your direction and your life choices.

Dream Meaning Luggage

This represents life's burdens , the experiences and attitudes that we are carrying around with us. If they are a heavy burden this is a sign that you need to lighten up and reconsider your attitudes, Perhaps you need some healing to help you cope with your future.

Dream Meaning Boy

Boys in a dream are usually symbols of luck and innocence. The interpretation will depend on your emotions and relationship with the boy in your dream.

Dream Meaning Numbers

One -Symbolises a leader, a start, an opportunity

Two -A partnership, male and female.

Three - Growth and expansion

Four - Hard work, stability, squares

Five - Changes, individuality

Six -Love, harmony, relationships

Seven - Spiritual Growth

Eight - Reaching your goals

Nine - Endings and beginnings

Dream Meaning Women

When you dream about women you are in touch with you feminine and sensitive side. Women represent empathy and nurturing.

Dream Meaning Hotel

Hotels seem to be quite a common theme in dreams. These are places to escape, they are temporary homes and sometimes they are places to go after work when you are working away. Anything related to the hotel in the dream is temporary, this is not a long term situation. Problems booking into a hotel would mean that you cannot find a temporary place to escape.

Dream Meaning Park -Recreation Space

Parks represent temporary escapes, having fun and getting away from the day to day.

Dream Meaning Cats

Cat dreams can be symbols of femininity, sexual desire and bad luck. They are symbols of independence, daring and risk taking. The acts of the cat or cats in your dream and how they relate to you will give you an idea of the meaning, were they friendly? This could mean sexual conquests or friendships. Were they threatening you, perhaps you have upset someone who is strong and independent.

Dream Meaning Colors

Red -Passion, anger, stop

Orange - memory

Yellow - Sickness, sunshine, positivity, scared

Green -Growth, new opportunities, lushness

Blue - Cold, cool, sound, sad

Purple - higher vibration, spiritual

Pink -Love

White -innocence, purity

Black -darkness, hidden depths

Dream Interpretation

In this dream our dreamer is happy to travel on the path of life. They seem quite contented with life, pretty easy going but they have a lot of baggage. The baggage becomes a burden to them and they share their worries, (baggage )with some boys. This could be discussing a problem, sharing a secret, just offloading whatever burdens the dreamer has. Three boys represent growth and expansion for the dreamer.

The dreamer is looking for a hotel, a temporary place to stay until the next part of their journey. They are surrounded by happy women, people who are in touch with their feminine side. The dreamer is still happy but unable to find a hotel room -so they are aware that this is a very short term prospect. The park is also a temporary place for the dreamer a nice little diversion before continuing on the longer path of life. The cats represent independent people who are content in their lives. The dreamer is drawn to the blue cats. Our dreamer likes independent unusual people/women who are cool and not too emotional.

It seems that our dreamer is on a long journey and not intending to stick around too long. Life is about pleasure, working with their feminine side and admiring those who are cool and independent. The dreamer is in a growth phase, sheds their baggage and is able to move on with life.

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What does my exciting Cheetah dream mean?

graceful cheetah walking in wild

Read on to learn about big cat dreams….

Big Cat Dreams

If you dreamed about a big cat, think about what the cat was doing. How did you feel about the cat? Think about the personality of the cat and this will help you to interpret the meaning. Big cats can be fierce and represent your wild side or the wild side of someone you know. They may be associated with femininity and also with conflict and fighting.

Did you see a cat fight? This would mean that you are in conflict with other female energies in your life. The outcome of the fight will give you an idea of whether you are likely to overcome your conflicts or if you will have to admit defeat.

Were you attacked by a wild cat? Perhaps you are quite innocent but there is a female energy who is unhappy with you and may pounce at any time.

Did you stroke a wild cat? This is a sign that you will overcome difficulties if you are confident. You can tame the wild beast!

Did you see a dead wild cat? This is a sign that something inside you is dormant, perhaps your life has become too tame and lacking in excitement?

Did you chase a wild cat? If you pursued a wild cat you may be in need of excitement. If you do not succeed in catching the cat, expect some disappointments in your personal life.

Cheetah Dream

Cheetah’s are fast, slinky and generally solitary cats. If you spent time with a cheetah you may have these qualities yourself. It could also be a warning that someone you are with is not likely to stay around you in the long run. Initially everything is wonderful but this Cheetah is a cheater and will likely leave. This is likely to be a whirlwind romance, very hot for a short while.

Leopard Dream

If you dreamed about a leopard, be careful. This may be a warning about someone that you spend time with. You may think that this person has changed but we all know that a leopard never changes it’s spots.

Lion Dream

Lions are sociable creatures and so a dream about a lion may refer to your family circumstances. Male lions seem to sleep all day, whilst the females hunt and work together. Think about the circumstances of the dream, did you cooperate with the lion or was there a conflict? The lion is the king of the beasts, did the lion help you? This would mean that someone in a position of authority has your interests at heart.

Jaguar Dream

To dream of a jaguar may mean that you need to get in touch with your dark side. A jaguar can reveal the parts of you that you keep secret. Jaguars also represent speed, solitary life and beauty. Think about your relationship with the jaguar to understand this meaning. Did you spend time with the jaguar? This would mean that you are looking into your inner self for personal growth.

Tiger Dream

Tigers are strong and beautiful and represent strength. We have heard about tiger mothers, think about how you interacted with the tiger. Did you fight with a tiger and did you win? If you did then you are extremely strong and capable. If you lost, your dream is telling you that you should be careful about who you fight with as some opponents are too strong. Any dream about a tiger, if you are not the tiger, represents authority. Interpret your dream as your relationship with someone in authority.

Puma/Cougar Dream

These cats are quick, agile and tend to act first and then think later. If you see a puma or a cougar in your dream you are likely to be impulsive in your behaviour. You are making quick decisions which may have consequences later in life. A cougar woman is known to be an older woman who is chasing younger men, where you the cougar in the dream or was a cougar chasing you? Are you the hunter or the hunted? Think hard about your relationships, are they wise?

Lynx Dream

Lynx are quiet and dangerous and really secretive. A dream about a Lynx attack is a warning that you have cunning and clever enemies who you may be unaware of until it is too late. If you are the lynx then you are a dangerous enemy and those around you need to watch out! They will not feel that you are ready to attack!

Bobcat Dream

Bobcats are small and stealthy and secretive. How did you relate to the bobcat in your dream. the bobcat may be a small problem that you have or a stealthy enemy.

Panther Dream

A panther represents beauty, power and strength. Did you tame this lovely creature or did you pursue it? As with all big cats there is beauty in friendship but there will always be an element of excitement or danger. Think carefully about your reaction to this dream to understand who the panthers your life is?

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