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What happens to your soul when you die?

Where do you go when you die?

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I suspect that none of us really know for sure…read on for some ideas.

What if we don’t die?

Many scientists and doctors will say that once a body is dead, that is it. There are many tales of near death experiences, children remembering previous lives, and spiritualists who are in touch with the other side. With an open minded approach there is a great deal of evidence to suggest that consciousness survives.

Why is it important?

A belief in an afterlife and the evolution of the soul will affect how you live your life. If there is hope of something further, a purpose to your life’s journey then you will make different decisions based on this. Perhaps you believe in reincarnation, perhaps you will be reunited with friends and family who have passed, perhaps you will be punished for your misdeeds?

Do you have a soul?

Having a soul is intrinsic to a belief in life after death. It is the essence of you that is not part of your physical body. It is your spirit. Have you ever had an out of body experience? If so, this concept becomes a lot easier to understand.

Listen to your inner self

I am not referring to self talk here, which is your inner dialogue, you inner self is your instinct. Do you have a feeling about something, an intuition? Can you hear an inner voice telling you what to do? Sometimes, it will be a warning and sometimes you will have information about someone or something that just comes to you. Pay attention and you will benefit from great insight into situations.

Are we surrounded by spirits?

Probably, there may be family members, spirit guides and guardian angels according to your beliefs. We all label them differently – there are many who are there to help us. You may become aware of someone who is trying to reach you, you may feel a presence or see something out of the corner of your eye. Everyone perceives these things differently.

Do ghosts exist?

Most likely, there is plenty of evidence, sounds, visions, feelings, cold spots and now there are more photos and videos to document this. We can be guided by what is documented and keep an open mind about what is real. Some ghosts seem to exist in their time a sort of echo from the past, whilst others are able to interact with us.

Is it possible to communicate with spirits?

It is definitely possible, there are many professional mediums and regular people who are consistently able to tune in to people on the other side. Communicating with spirits is like learning to ride a bike, anyone can learn. There are techniques to tuning in, ways of protecting yourself and ways of understanding and delivering a message.

What happens when we are near to death?

Many people who are sick drift between worlds. Sometimes they are here and sometimes they are somewhere else. They see deceased family members around them, have conversations with them. They may appear to be talking nonsense or they may be channeling thoughts from someone on the other side. This can go on for a while, the door to death is not always open so many stay on the threshold for a long period, they are able to see the other side but not enter it.

Are we constrained by the physical body?

It seems as though in daily life when we are doing our jobs and performing our regular duties that the physical body constrains us. However, if we are able to meditate, dream or astral travel we are able to go anywhere and see anything. Our minds and spirits are so strong that we can visit other planets, we can see the whole universe, we can fly and we can meet others in different dimensions.

When I die will I come back as someone else?

This is one of the most difficult questions to answer. There are many instances of children coming back and remembering a past life. How do you know if you will come back? There is a sense in the universe that we are all here to learn a lesson. Hopefully with each existence we move up the scale to become a more enlightened being. An earthly existence is a classroom to graduate onto a higher plain.

Why does this matter?

If you were to believe that everything that you do matters, that everything that you think is a creation, then you are in control of your destiny. If you want to be strong, you will think strong thoughts. All your good deeds will bring you closer to the light. The light has the power of happiness, you can flirt with darkness but ultimately your power lies in the light.

Why do some people die young?

Making sense of a young death is difficult. You wonder what lessons a young person had to learn whilst they were on the planet. Did they have time to learn them? It’s difficult to be certain, although it can be said that the life of a child teaches many lessons to those that love them. It is a brief earthly experience followed by an early return to the spirit world.

What are the spirits doing all day?

If time is a man made concept then there is just existence in another plane. There is no need for food or rest, or work or play. There is room for love, for family, for friends, to watch and to help. What else do they do? This is really hard to know but it seems that every soul needs to evolve and learn some lessons or make amends. Can’t really be sure of this but there seems to be a hierarchy of spirits.

Spirit Guides

We may be able to get in touch with our spirit guides. These are spirits who are assigned to us to help us to live our best lives. We may have several spirit guides and these can change at different phases of life when guidance is needed with different things. There are many people who see Native American guides but there are many types of guides. Guides are usually someone from outside of our families who are on a much higher plane.

It is possible to meet your spirit guides through silence and stillness and meditation. These guides are there to help and advise.

What does this mean?

There is no death, there is another dimension for our consciousness. Everything we say and do has consequences and each life has a mission and a lesson to learn. We should make the most of our time on earth and be guided by our intuition to create things and to be the person that we were designed to be.

We should live harmoniously in the hope of further enlightenment so that our souls can progress to the next level. Keep an open mind and be aware of intent when dealing with other souls. Please reach out to me for life coaching and tarot readings. Etsy shop.

I would like to hear your positive thoughts and experiences about life after death. You can reach me here.

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