Where do you go when you die?
How do you know if you are surrounded by spirits?

What happens to your soul when you die?


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6 signs that you may have lived before….

What do we mean by soul?

Your soul is your essence, your personality, your energy. It is your non-physical being, it is attached to your body. Soul is also known as your psyche, your anima. Soul is consciousness, the thing that makes you alive. It is thinking and ideas and it may be immortal.

Animals and plants may also have souls. many spiritualists are able to connect with animal spirits. With growing awareness you may also be able to connect with tree spirits too.

In some belief systems the soul inhabits the body. The body is an adornment and an instrument for the soul to perform earthly duties. Each life is a test and a challenge between survival needs and spiritual growth. Your soul will have a mission.

Philosophy and the Soul

There are many theories about the existence and the purpose of the soul. There may be dualism, where each body has 2 souls that compete. One soul is the part that deals with day to day life and the other is the wandering soul that leaves your body and visits the spirit world. This may happen during sleep, dreams, meditation and trance. The 2 souls may compete, the devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other. It may be the competition between a materialistic and a spiritual life.

Aristotle believed that each human body had 3 souls, that inhabited different parts of the body. Humans were the only ones that had a soul in the head, which is the intellect. It was thought that the intellect survives death but not the emotional soul.

There is no scientific proof that the soul survives death

The scientists cannot find proof that the soul survives death. However that does not mean that it doesn’t happen. It is just one of those things that you just know. You do not need external proof because the proof is within in your own head and through your own experiences.

6 Signs that you may have lived before

1. Memories

These are the things that you think you remember about your previous life. These could have come to you when you were daydreaming or just be knowledge that you have always had since you were a child. You may have visited a hypnotist and had a past life regression that stirred some memories in you. These things are valid if you feel that they are.

2. Dream Memories

Have you ever had a dream where you have memories in the dream? You are somewhere that you do not recognise in this life but you do remember being there before and what happened. You may have friends and family in your dream that you do not know from this life. You may have skills in your dream that you do not have in this life. It is possible that you are visiting a past life experience.

3. People that you feel you know

Have you ever met someone that you feel that you already know? It is possible that it is someone who you knew in a previous life. They and you may now be in a new incarnation. These are mostly positive experiences although occasionally you may get a warning from nowhere to avoid a certain person.

4. Places that you recognise

You may visit somewhere new and feel as if you have been there before. You know all about the area, where everything is, it is so familiar and yet impossible for you to have been there previously.

5. Historical Knowledge

You may find a period in history that you recognise without learning about it. You do a little reading and you recognise the characters and have information that is not written in the books. You may read about a historical event but you actually have a first hand account of what occurred.

6. Unexplained Knowledge

This could be how to operate machinery that you have never seen before, a musical or artistic talent when you have had no lessons. There are multiple unexplained skills that you may have retained from a previous existence.

man standing on a rock near snow covered land


The space in my mind

When all is relaxed

Feeling and knowing

The silence.

But it’s more

The endless journey

in this world and beyond

To see the universe as it grows

Going to impossible places

And knowing extraordinary power,

To be, To see,

To connect,

To remember and feel in my heart

My souls longing

My own belonging,

To this place.

Always beyond what you can imagine.

What does this mean?

You and made up of a body and at least one soul. You are already aware that your soul survives death. You have many memories and knowledge that you innately understand this without the need for scientific proof. This knowledge and understanding comforts you and gives you hope for the future.

I would like to hear your positive thoughts and experiences which convinced you that your soul survives death. You can reach me here.

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