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How do you know if you are surrounded by spirits?


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13 things that may convince you…

What is a spirit?

When we refer to a spirit we are talking about a thinking non material entity. We are made up of a physical body and a spiritual body. There are many theories about where the spirit resides in the body. Is it in every particle? If so what would happen if you lost a part of your body? Make up your own mind where your spirit is. It seems likely that it is in the brain or the head or perhaps it is in your aura?

The spirit world

Many believe that the spirit world exists along with our own, Emanuel Swedenborg a 17th century theologian wrote extensively about this, you can read more about this here. He writes about a natural world and a spiritual world. When we die we enter the spiritual world where you learn more lessons and become our true selves. We may become better people and graduate to heaven or become more selfish and cruel and graduate to hell. There are many levels and we reach the level where people are like us. Our families greet us when we die.

Each religion has a slightly different variation of what happens when we die and whether we come back. Many religions base their ideas on the evolution of the soul. That we are all here to learn a lesson, perhaps we came back to experience a sorrow from something that we had inflicted on another in their past life. You can read about The Spiritual Laws here.

Are there spirits around you now?

There seems to be two theories about where the spirits reside, they are either right here with us or we have to travel into their world to be with them. Perhaps there is an exchange, sometimes they visit our world and sometimes we visit theirs.

Shamanic healers will go on a journey to a different dimension to commune with spirits. Mediums will meditate and cross over to another realm. It becomes easier to communicate with spirits with practice but it is difficult to say whether it is through increased awareness, ESP or actually a visit to the other side.

What evidence do you have for the existence of spirits?

1. Think about your own life, have you ever been aware of a spirit around you?

It may be a feeling of love or someone who is there to help you or it may be something evil which makes you want to run away.

2. Did you feel a presence in a room, perhaps a feeling as if you are being watched?

This is the eerie feeling, you are not quite comfortable. It is as if the spirit is waiting for some action from you. Perhaps acknowledging the spirit would be good?

3. Did you experience cold spots, or a time when the room suddenly went cold for no reason?

This is quite creepy, when a particular area is cold. You get a foreboding feeling. Some unexplained presence is around.

4. Have you heard unexplained noises in your home?

Some houses are just really noisy, there are unexplained creeks, floorboards, the sounds of people moving around who are not there. Creaking doors, opening or closing, someone wants to be noticed?

5. Do pictures ever fall off the wall for no reason?

You might wonder if there is a message here, whose picture fell down? It might also be the easiest thing for a spirit to move as it seems that they have less power over physical items than a living person.

6. Have you ever experienced a bed shaking event, where your bed shook violently all on its own?

This is unusual but having experienced it myself, it is very real and scary.

7. Have you seen shadow people or been aware of movement out of the corner of your eye?

This seems quite common and most of us try to find a logical explanation for it.

8. Do you have pets who have watched an unseen person, perhaps barking or growling at the invisible?

This too is quite common, it’s easier to think that your dog is mad than to believe that a spirit dropped by your house to say hi.

9. Do your children tell you about people who visit them at night?

Children have great imaginations and it is easier to blow this one off than to investigate it. However children are more open minded than adults and they have not been conditioned to ignore spiritual phenomena. If the entities are friendly it is possibly a relative or helper on a visit.

10. Do you have vivid dreams where a deceased person talks to you or warns you about something?

Sometimes we are hard to communicate with, especially if we have been programmed not to believe in the spirit world. The best way to get a message across will therefore be in a dream where the mind is more open.

11. Have you been helped by an unseen person when you were in danger?

There are so many people who recount being in mortal danger or having trouble with a sick child when a spirit has intervened and made everything better.

12. Have you had a near death experience?

Most near death experiences seem to be similar, where the person is out of their body in spirit form. They meet dead relatives or angels who are waiting for them. They have to decide whether to follow a beautiful light or go back to their bodies. These experiences seem credible because they are so widely experienced. Why would so many people have the same hallucination at the time of death?

13. Have you experienced astral travel or an out of body experience?

Astral travel is where your spirit leaves your body and goes to wherever your mind takes it. The spirit is still attached to the body by a limitless silver thread which enables you to return to your body when you want to. During astral travel you meet spirits and spirit guides and work on any issues.You may go anywhere in the universe.

Do you believe that you have encountered a spirit?

Let me know if you have experienced any of the things above. What happened to you? You can message me here

If you are interested in contacting someone in spirit let me know.

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What happens to your soul when you die?


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6 signs that you may have lived before….

What do we mean by soul?

Your soul is your essence, your personality, your energy. It is your non-physical being, it is attached to your body. Soul is also known as your psyche, your anima. Soul is consciousness, the thing that makes you alive. It is thinking and ideas and it may be immortal.

Animals and plants may also have souls. many spiritualists are able to connect with animal spirits. With growing awareness you may also be able to connect with tree spirits too.

In some belief systems the soul inhabits the body. The body is an adornment and an instrument for the soul to perform earthly duties. Each life is a test and a challenge between survival needs and spiritual growth. Your soul will have a mission.

Philosophy and the Soul

There are many theories about the existence and the purpose of the soul. There may be dualism, where each body has 2 souls that compete. One soul is the part that deals with day to day life and the other is the wandering soul that leaves your body and visits the spirit world. This may happen during sleep, dreams, meditation and trance. The 2 souls may compete, the devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other. It may be the competition between a materialistic and a spiritual life.

Aristotle believed that each human body had 3 souls, that inhabited different parts of the body. Humans were the only ones that had a soul in the head, which is the intellect. It was thought that the intellect survives death but not the emotional soul.

There is no scientific proof that the soul survives death

The scientists cannot find proof that the soul survives death. However that does not mean that it doesn’t happen. It is just one of those things that you just know. You do not need external proof because the proof is within in your own head and through your own experiences.

6 Signs that you may have lived before

1. Memories

These are the things that you think you remember about your previous life. These could have come to you when you were daydreaming or just be knowledge that you have always had since you were a child. You may have visited a hypnotist and had a past life regression that stirred some memories in you. These things are valid if you feel that they are.

2. Dream Memories

Have you ever had a dream where you have memories in the dream? You are somewhere that you do not recognise in this life but you do remember being there before and what happened. You may have friends and family in your dream that you do not know from this life. You may have skills in your dream that you do not have in this life. It is possible that you are visiting a past life experience.

3. People that you feel you know

Have you ever met someone that you feel that you already know? It is possible that it is someone who you knew in a previous life. They and you may now be in a new incarnation. These are mostly positive experiences although occasionally you may get a warning from nowhere to avoid a certain person.

4. Places that you recognise

You may visit somewhere new and feel as if you have been there before. You know all about the area, where everything is, it is so familiar and yet impossible for you to have been there previously.

5. Historical Knowledge

You may find a period in history that you recognise without learning about it. You do a little reading and you recognise the characters and have information that is not written in the books. You may read about a historical event but you actually have a first hand account of what occurred.

6. Unexplained Knowledge

This could be how to operate machinery that you have never seen before, a musical or artistic talent when you have had no lessons. There are multiple unexplained skills that you may have retained from a previous existence.

man standing on a rock near snow covered land


The space in my mind

When all is relaxed

Feeling and knowing

The silence.

But it’s more

The endless journey

in this world and beyond

To see the universe as it grows

Going to impossible places

And knowing extraordinary power,

To be, To see,

To connect,

To remember and feel in my heart

My souls longing

My own belonging,

To this place.

Always beyond what you can imagine.

What does this mean?

You and made up of a body and at least one soul. You are already aware that your soul survives death. You have many memories and knowledge that you innately understand this without the need for scientific proof. This knowledge and understanding comforts you and gives you hope for the future.

I would like to hear your positive thoughts and experiences which convinced you that your soul survives death. You can reach me here.

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Where do you go when you die?

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I suspect that none of us really know for sure…read on for some ideas.

What if we don’t die?

Many scientists and doctors will say that once a body is dead, that is it. There are many tales of near death experiences, children remembering previous lives, and spiritualists who are in touch with the other side. With an open minded approach there is a great deal of evidence to suggest that consciousness survives.

Why is it important?

A belief in an afterlife and the evolution of the soul will affect how you live your life. If there is hope of something further, a purpose to your life’s journey then you will make different decisions based on this. Perhaps you believe in reincarnation, perhaps you will be reunited with friends and family who have passed, perhaps you will be punished for your misdeeds?

Do you have a soul?

Having a soul is intrinsic to a belief in life after death. It is the essence of you that is not part of your physical body. It is your spirit. Have you ever had an out of body experience? If so, this concept becomes a lot easier to understand.

Listen to your inner self

I am not referring to self talk here, which is your inner dialogue, you inner self is your instinct. Do you have a feeling about something, an intuition? Can you hear an inner voice telling you what to do? Sometimes, it will be a warning and sometimes you will have information about someone or something that just comes to you. Pay attention and you will benefit from great insight into situations.

Are we surrounded by spirits?

Probably, there may be family members, spirit guides and guardian angels according to your beliefs. We all label them differently – there are many who are there to help us. You may become aware of someone who is trying to reach you, you may feel a presence or see something out of the corner of your eye. Everyone perceives these things differently.

Do ghosts exist?

Most likely, there is plenty of evidence, sounds, visions, feelings, cold spots and now there are more photos and videos to document this. We can be guided by what is documented and keep an open mind about what is real. Some ghosts seem to exist in their time a sort of echo from the past, whilst others are able to interact with us.

Is it possible to communicate with spirits?

It is definitely possible, there are many professional mediums and regular people who are consistently able to tune in to people on the other side. Communicating with spirits is like learning to ride a bike, anyone can learn. There are techniques to tuning in, ways of protecting yourself and ways of understanding and delivering a message.

What happens when we are near to death?

Many people who are sick drift between worlds. Sometimes they are here and sometimes they are somewhere else. They see deceased family members around them, have conversations with them. They may appear to be talking nonsense or they may be channeling thoughts from someone on the other side. This can go on for a while, the door to death is not always open so many stay on the threshold for a long period, they are able to see the other side but not enter it.

Are we constrained by the physical body?

It seems as though in daily life when we are doing our jobs and performing our regular duties that the physical body constrains us. However, if we are able to meditate, dream or astral travel we are able to go anywhere and see anything. Our minds and spirits are so strong that we can visit other planets, we can see the whole universe, we can fly and we can meet others in different dimensions.

When I die will I come back as someone else?

This is one of the most difficult questions to answer. There are many instances of children coming back and remembering a past life. How do you know if you will come back? There is a sense in the universe that we are all here to learn a lesson. Hopefully with each existence we move up the scale to become a more enlightened being. An earthly existence is a classroom to graduate onto a higher plain.

Why does this matter?

If you were to believe that everything that you do matters, that everything that you think is a creation, then you are in control of your destiny. If you want to be strong, you will think strong thoughts. All your good deeds will bring you closer to the light. The light has the power of happiness, you can flirt with darkness but ultimately your power lies in the light.

Why do some people die young?

Making sense of a young death is difficult. You wonder what lessons a young person had to learn whilst they were on the planet. Did they have time to learn them? It’s difficult to be certain, although it can be said that the life of a child teaches many lessons to those that love them. It is a brief earthly experience followed by an early return to the spirit world.

What are the spirits doing all day?

If time is a man made concept then there is just existence in another plane. There is no need for food or rest, or work or play. There is room for love, for family, for friends, to watch and to help. What else do they do? This is really hard to know but it seems that every soul needs to evolve and learn some lessons or make amends. Can’t really be sure of this but there seems to be a hierarchy of spirits.

Spirit Guides

We may be able to get in touch with our spirit guides. These are spirits who are assigned to us to help us to live our best lives. We may have several spirit guides and these can change at different phases of life when guidance is needed with different things. There are many people who see Native American guides but there are many types of guides. Guides are usually someone from outside of our families who are on a much higher plane.

It is possible to meet your spirit guides through silence and stillness and meditation. These guides are there to help and advise.

What does this mean?

There is no death, there is another dimension for our consciousness. Everything we say and do has consequences and each life has a mission and a lesson to learn. We should make the most of our time on earth and be guided by our intuition to create things and to be the person that we were designed to be.

We should live harmoniously in the hope of further enlightenment so that our souls can progress to the next level. Keep an open mind and be aware of intent when dealing with other souls. Please reach out to me for life coaching and tarot readings. Etsy shop.

I would like to hear your positive thoughts and experiences about life after death. You can reach me here.

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