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13 things that may convince you…

What is a spirit?

When we refer to a spirit we are talking about a thinking non material entity. We are made up of a physical body and a spiritual body. There are many theories about where the spirit resides in the body. Is it in every particle? If so what would happen if you lost a part of your body? Make up your own mind where your spirit is. It seems likely that it is in the brain or the head or perhaps it is in your aura?

The spirit world

Many believe that the spirit world exists along with our own, Emanuel Swedenborg a 17th century theologian wrote extensively about this, you can read more about this here. He writes about a natural world and a spiritual world. When we die we enter the spiritual world where you learn more lessons and become our true selves. We may become better people and graduate to heaven or become more selfish and cruel and graduate to hell. There are many levels and we reach the level where people are like us. Our families greet us when we die.

Each religion has a slightly different variation of what happens when we die and whether we come back. Many religions base their ideas on the evolution of the soul. That we are all here to learn a lesson, perhaps we came back to experience a sorrow from something that we had inflicted on another in their past life. You can read about The Spiritual Laws here.

Are there spirits around you now?

There seems to be two theories about where the spirits reside, they are either right here with us or we have to travel into their world to be with them. Perhaps there is an exchange, sometimes they visit our world and sometimes we visit theirs.

Shamanic healers will go on a journey to a different dimension to commune with spirits. Mediums will meditate and cross over to another realm. It becomes easier to communicate with spirits with practice but it is difficult to say whether it is through increased awareness, ESP or actually a visit to the other side.

What evidence do you have for the existence of spirits?

1. Think about your own life, have you ever been aware of a spirit around you?

It may be a feeling of love or someone who is there to help you or it may be something evil which makes you want to run away.

2. Did you feel a presence in a room, perhaps a feeling as if you are being watched?

This is the eerie feeling, you are not quite comfortable. It is as if the spirit is waiting for some action from you. Perhaps acknowledging the spirit would be good?

3. Did you experience cold spots, or a time when the room suddenly went cold for no reason?

This is quite creepy, when a particular area is cold. You get a foreboding feeling. Some unexplained presence is around.

4. Have you heard unexplained noises in your home?

Some houses are just really noisy, there are unexplained creeks, floorboards, the sounds of people moving around who are not there. Creaking doors, opening or closing, someone wants to be noticed?

5. Do pictures ever fall off the wall for no reason?

You might wonder if there is a message here, whose picture fell down? It might also be the easiest thing for a spirit to move as it seems that they have less power over physical items than a living person.

6. Have you ever experienced a bed shaking event, where your bed shook violently all on its own?

This is unusual but having experienced it myself, it is very real and scary.

7. Have you seen shadow people or been aware of movement out of the corner of your eye?

This seems quite common and most of us try to find a logical explanation for it.

8. Do you have pets who have watched an unseen person, perhaps barking or growling at the invisible?

This too is quite common, it’s easier to think that your dog is mad than to believe that a spirit dropped by your house to say hi.

9. Do your children tell you about people who visit them at night?

Children have great imaginations and it is easier to blow this one off than to investigate it. However children are more open minded than adults and they have not been conditioned to ignore spiritual phenomena. If the entities are friendly it is possibly a relative or helper on a visit.

10. Do you have vivid dreams where a deceased person talks to you or warns you about something?

Sometimes we are hard to communicate with, especially if we have been programmed not to believe in the spirit world. The best way to get a message across will therefore be in a dream where the mind is more open.

11. Have you been helped by an unseen person when you were in danger?

There are so many people who recount being in mortal danger or having trouble with a sick child when a spirit has intervened and made everything better.

12. Have you had a near death experience?

Most near death experiences seem to be similar, where the person is out of their body in spirit form. They meet dead relatives or angels who are waiting for them. They have to decide whether to follow a beautiful light or go back to their bodies. These experiences seem credible because they are so widely experienced. Why would so many people have the same hallucination at the time of death?

13. Have you experienced astral travel or an out of body experience?

Astral travel is where your spirit leaves your body and goes to wherever your mind takes it. The spirit is still attached to the body by a limitless silver thread which enables you to return to your body when you want to. During astral travel you meet spirits and spirit guides and work on any issues.You may go anywhere in the universe.

Do you believe that you have encountered a spirit?

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