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Five things to consider in a dream about a game.

Use the Law of Correspondence to Make your Life Better

tree with reflection on body of water

Your external life is a mirror of your thoughts.

What is the law of correspondence?

Whatever you think about will manifest if you give it enough energy. Listen to your thoughts and your words as you will create a reality based on these thoughts. Be conscious of what you say, take time to reflect on who you are and who you would like to be.

Listen to your self talk and create a new better self through meditation and contemplation of your path. Self belief is very important.

External Factors

We can only control ourselves. Lots of things happen that are out of our control, this could be the actions of others, politics, the law, climate change or economic change. The thing we can change is how we react, we can choose to be angry, disappointed or upset but then we have to go into healing mode.

We need to give positive energy to our challenges and be solution oriented. If you are surrounded by low frequencies, raise your own frequencies to overcome this.

Be Like a Tree

Trees use their senses to see the amount of light, feel the temperature and use their hormones to shut down growth of tree limbs in winter. You can read more about how trees react to the climate around them here. The tree rings inside a tree show how the tree reacts to adverse conditions by growing less and preserving energy. As humans we need to be the same, take actions to protect ourselves in adverse times. Be strong in outlook and confident in your ability to deal with challenges.

tree at the desert


I stand alone,

I stand tall,

I spread my branches,

I do not fall.

I have enough,

I live and thrive

In desert land

I make my life

Amongst the sand

I can survive

Where others fail

I will prevail.

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