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Each suit is associated with an element, read more here…

Tarot for beginners – Suits

There are 4 suits in the tarot cards, cups, swords, pentacles and wands. Every suit has 14 cards so if you understand the elements of each suit you will have a basic understanding of 48 tarot cards!

Meaning of the suit of cups

Cups are used to hold liquid so this is an easy way to remember that suits are associated with the element of water. Whenever you pull one of the cups cards associate the meaning with love.

The element of water represents the emotions, how we feel inside. These cards are associated with relationships, with intuition, romance and family.

Water is associated with the star signs of pisces, cancer and scorpio. Take a look at the card and use your intuition. If you are asked about the characteristics of someone from a reading where a cup sign appears, which star sign does it represent? It is a good idea to learn something about each star sign to help you with interpretation.

Are the cups full or have they been knocked over? This will give direction as to how a relationship is going.

Meaning of the suit of wands

Wands are associated with the element of fire. Fire is about passion, heat, moving fast, perhaps burning with desire. It can also mean getting hot tempered. Passion can be associated with love but also the things that we love such as art, sports, so it can also be associated with creative pursuits.

The star signs of leo, sagittarius and aries are in the fire element. These are strong positive types. Consider how the wands are being used, are they flourishing and growing or are they in a fight? Aries can be quite war like as it is associated with Mars and this will help you to interpret.

Meaning of the suit of swords

Swords are related to air, they move quickly in the air and are sharp and quick witted. Think of being in a sword fight and being agile and light on your feet. These are characteristics of air signs. They are smart and intellectual and restlessly moving around.

The star signs of gemini, libra and aquarius are in the air element. They can move fast, they may be full of hot air or a breath of fresh air. Use your intuition with each card and look at surrounding cards to decipher the meaning.

Luckily the pictures will help you, are the swords lying flat or have they caused injury? Quick witted people can also have sharp tongues like a sword so consider the position of the swords.

Meaning of the suit of pentacles

Pentacles are also called coins, they are firm and material. They represent the element of earth so they are firm and steady. The pentacles are slow to act and reliable, they are materialistic and have beautiful things.

The star signs of taurus, virgo and capricorn are associated with earth. Think of steady and considered rather than quick and passionate.

Fortunately the cards give you many clues, look at the pentacles, is the money growing or is this person being a hoarder. The positions of the pentacles will help you to work that out.


Learn the meaning of each suit

What’s Next?

If you would like to advance your tarot reading to the next stage, watch out for videos on using numerology, astrology and basic information on the meaning of each suit to help you with your readings.

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