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How to use the Law of Vibration to Achieve Happiness

woman in red shirt walking on forest

Have you ever noticed how trees can make you happy?

What is the law of vibration?

The law of vibration is one of the 12 universal laws. The good things in life that are positive vibrate at a higher level. Everything is energy and everything vibrates. We attract things that vibrate at the same level as we do. Therefore in order to be happy and successful we must vibrate at a higher level. The correct use of the law of vibration will make you happy!

How do I raise my vibration?

Sometimes it’s easy to be happy and optimistic. We can be surrounded by vibrant excited people who are infectiously happy. At other times we may be feeling a bit low and although we want to be happy it is harder to achieve. This is where trees are really important. According to Matthew Silverstone in his book, Blinded by Science, being around trees can improve ADHD, alleviate depression and cure headaches. That would be a good start to feeling better.

Trees can make you happy

It’s important to raise your vibration to achieve happiness and reach your goals. Being around trees can raise your vibration. Your vibration changes when you interact with trees. Being in nature can reset your mood. Try walking barefoot around a tree. Place your hands on the tree and try to understand how the tree exists.

Tree roots are connected underground so you may not even need to touch the tree to feel its vibration. The tree is all around you, encompassing you. It may be sighing or swaying in the breeze, the tree will give you a boost.

Sit on the ground near the trees and meditate and the tree energy will help you to regain your positive thoughts. You will feel refreshed and recharged.

Set your intentions

A visit to a wood or forest, a visit to a lone tree, any living tree will vibrate and help you to regain your positivity and improve your mood. Infused with tree energy you will be ready to reset your intentions and think of all the wonderful things you can do. You are ready for success and happiness.

Any time that you are feeling as if you have lost your way, take off your shoes if you can and connect with a tree. Notice how much happier you feel!

The higher your vibration, the higher your expectations.

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tree with reflection on body of water

My Tree

I feel you embrace me

Though far away.

Your energy saves me

I see you sway

And whisper so sweetly.

Your heartbeat beneath me

Your roots so deep

Stretch out to the world

Around me you creep

And flutter my heart

Whilst with you I sleep

And then wide awake

A hug and a kiss

Accomplish my dreams

With arboreal bliss.