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Clothes serve many purposes so dreams about clothes have diverse meanings…

Clothes Dreams

Consider the function of the clothes in your dream, were you dressing to impress, to protect yourself or perhaps to disguise yourself? Were the clothes in your dream fit for purpose? By answering these questions you will have a better idea as to the message of your dream. Here is a link for a naked dream.

Clothes Dreams Comfort

You may have been aware of the clothes in your dream because they were uncomfortable. To dream of wearing wet clothes may be a sign that you are being overly emotional about something that is happening in your life. If someone else made your clothes wet, then they are the cause of you losing money or being pulled down emotionally.

To dream of clothes that are too small means that you have outgrown your surroundings. You need to take on a new role as you are currently being constrained.

If the clothes in your dream were dirty or ragged this is a warning that you need to find a better way of presenting yourself to the world. You and others will be distracted by your appearance. Others will not spend time to find out who you really are.

Uniform Dream

A dream about wearing a uniform, if it was comfortable and you were happy, is a sign that you are fitting in well with others and meeting your expectations. However if the uniform did not fit you or was uncomfortable, then you are trying to be something that you are not. It’s okay to be different.

Clothes as Protection Dream

Clothes can be a serious form of protection such as armour and wet suits. They can also be protection from prying eyes. A dream where your clothes do not adequately protect you, such as a skirt that is too short or a blouse that is too low may mean that you are not happy with the image that you are projecting to the world.

A problem with armour or a wet suit would mean that you do not feel prepared for the challenges ahead. You have not been given the right equipment to survive.

If your clothes are not warm enough then you may be living in the wrong environment. Your dream may be telling you to move to somewhere warmer. Alternatively, it may be a warning that you need to take additional measures to protect yourself in the season ahead. Your current preparations are inadequate. The same meanings would apply if your clothes are too warm for you. When things are getting too hot, you need to cool them down. Possibly you are being asked to step back from a situation.

Clothes as Enhancement Dream

A dream where clothes were adorned as bodily enhancement is about the image you would like to project to the world. If you looked good, happily this means that you are satisfied with the way that you look and how you are perceived.

If you were dissatisfied with your look, unfortunately you have to do some work on how others see you. Think about what was wrong with your look and this will guide you as to the meaning. Did you look too sexy? Perhaps you need to portray a more conservative image. Did you look too old fashioned? Perhaps you need to update your appearance and your attitudes.

What colours were the clothes in your dream? Here is a link. Brightly coloured clothes mean that you want everyone to see you, whereas dull colours mean that you are happy to be in the background. Sparkly clothes mean that you want to put on a show.

Costume Dream

Dreaming about wearing a costume means that you do not want people to get to know who you really are. You are happy for people to see an image that you have created. If you are happy with the costume then this is not a problem, however if you are unhappy, then you must make the effort to come out of your shell and allow people to see who you are. Sometimes it can mean that you are hiding your emotions from others.

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