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Alligators are associated with your instincts often hidden and surprising

Dreams about alligators and crocodiles

When you dream about alligators you need to consider their actions in the dream and your relationship with these creatures. How do you feel about alligators?

Chased by an alligator dream

If you dreamed about being chased by an alligator or crocodile then you are afraid of your hidden thoughts. These creatures are believed to be very sensitive and hyper aware of what is happening around them. Alligators tend to lie hidden from view and then suddenly attack, this is why they represent hidden thoughts, instincts and ideas.

Your reaction to the attack will give you a better idea of how you cope with your hidden thoughts. Did you make friends with the alligator or did your thoughts overtake you?

Alligator/Crocodile blocking your path dream

If you dreamed that an alligator was blocking your path then your hidden thoughts are preventing you from moving forward in your life. If you were afraid of the creature then you must take the time to work out why you are unable to move past a situation.

Baby Alligator Dream

This dream shows that you have been able to manifest a new idea and bring it into reality. Although, it is still very vulnerable at this point, if you are able to nurture your project you will have every chance of future success.

Swimming with Alligators/Crocodiles dream

A dream where you are swimming with these creatures is a positive sign especially if you were comfortable in the water. However, if you felt threatened then there are people in your environment who cannot be trusted and may strike out at you at any time. Be careful who you trust!

Eating an alligator dream

To dream about eating an alligator is about swallowing your thoughts and instincts. Perhaps someone around you is preventing you from being your true self?

Killing an alligator/crocodile dream

In this dream you killing your base instincts. The meaning whether positive or negative will depend on your actions in the dream. Was this an intentional act or was it accidental. It is usually best to live in harmony with your inner self and to accept who you are.

If someone else killed the alligator, then you are allowing someone else to control your thoughts and inner ideas.

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