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What does your scary alligator dream mean?

Here is the meaning of your strange rock dream!

man standing on rock during sunset

Are you solid as a rock or walking on stony ground? Read on to find out...

Dreams about rocks

There are many types of rocks, rocks come in different shapes and sizes and so do the meanings of these dreams.

If your dream involved looking at a rock, whatever the size, you are looking at stability and security. Large rocks in the ocean represent stability in the emotional realm. Large rocks on land are a sign of permanence, the tried and tested, things that have evolved over time and not changed.

Rock cliffs falling into sea

If you see rocks collapsing into the water, it means that emotion has broken down the status quo. Feelings that have endured for you over a long time have been washed away.

Rock Climbing

To dream of rock climbing if you are climbing upwards, would mean that you are using your skills to reach the top of your chosen career. You are successfully working with tradition and long established rules. If you are climbing downwards in your dream then you are taking a break from the limelight. To fall out of control means that this is not a voluntary stepping down.

To be rock climbing with others, means that you have the support of those around you who can help you to succeed. You are also helping others to climb to the top.

Building with rocks or stones

A dream where you built something with rocks or stones means that you are looking for permanence and hoping to make a difference in the long term. If your building collapsed then you are being told to build a better foundation and to take things more slowly.

To see a stone building is a sign that you are surrounded by tradition and stability. If the building was damaged then traditions are being broken and major changes are ahead.

Mining Rocks

To dream about mining rocks means that you are breaking down tradition and exploiting a situation. Unfortunately, you will have to work hard to succeed at this. You may have to chip away slowly before you can make any progress with your goals. In life, you are up against solid rock.

Valuable Stones

This dream meaning will depend on the actions involved. You may be given a valuable stone that signifies permanence and stability for the long run. If you lose the stone then you will suffer some serious upheavals and have major changes to your expectations.

A dream of stealing a valuable stone shows that you are feeling guilty about how you make a living. Are you taking stability and safety from someone else?

Pebbles Dream

To dream of pretty pebbles means that you are enjoying the traditions and feelings of being part of a large group or community. Check the meaning of the colour to see if this gives you more clarity. Pebbles have been shaped by time and water so feelings have shaped the way that they appear.

Walking on stones dream

If your dream involved walking on stones and it was uncomfortable it means that you have chosen a difficult path. Sadly, you are on rocky ground and life will not be easy for you. You can choose to persist or try to find something that will be easier for you to pursue.

Throwing stones dream

When someone throws stones at you in a dream, it means that you are being gossiped about and criticised. People are trying to stop you from progressing on your path.

If you were the person throwing stones at someone else, then you are trying to prevent them from succeeding.

Dream Examples

I have included a series of dreams and interpretations of the elements in each dream to help you to understand how best to interpret your dreams. Perhaps you had a different rocks dream, let me know. I am available to interpret a dream for you.

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