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silhouette of airplane flying over the sea during sunset

These versatile flying machines often appear in dreams and can have very different meanings…

Helicopter Dreams

Helicopters are used for pleasure, to fight crime and for defence. This makes the context of a helicopter dream very important. If you have worked with helicopters consider how you feel about them before interpreting your dream.

Helicopter Crash Dream

This dream is a reminder that everything comes to an end. One minute the helicopter is riding high and the next everything is shattered. Warning, do not take your good luck for granted.

Military or Police Helicopter Dream

If the helicopter was chasing you, then powerful forces are opposed to your course of action. You may want to reconsider your goals. Unfortunately, your enemies are strong and versatile.

If the helicopter was there to help or assist you, happily, you have powerful friends who will go to great lengths to protect you.

Fly a Helicopter Dream

If you were flying the helicopter, you have great power and have many choices about which goals in life to pursue. Flying a helicopter with passengers is a reminder that there are other people who are depending on your skills and expertise.

Helicopter Rescue Dream

A dream where you were rescued by a helicopter means that other people value your life. You are important and surrounded by others who want to help you. In addition, if you saved someone else in a helicopter, you have the power to save the lives of others.

Helicopter Sightseeing Dream

A dream of going sightseeing in a helicopter is a sign that good times are ahead for you. You will be successful and able to exceed your highest dreams.

Helicopter Passenger Dream

If you dreamed of flying in a helicopter as a passenger you are able to rise above your problems. Luckily, you have the help and support of others around you.

Drone Dreams

Like helicopters drones are versatile machines, they can be used for pleasure, for work or for defence. Be aware of the context of the dream to get the best interpretation.

Military Drone Dream

If you are attacked by a military drone, you are in danger. Unfortunately, you have sophisticated enemies who will be adept at covering their tracks. Be careful who you trust.

Flying a military drone in a dream means that you have the technology and skill to succeed and reach your targets. Others may be surprised by your success.

Nuisance Drone

A drone that pursues you in a dream, takes photos or acts in an annoying way, is a reminder that everything that you do is being watched. Take care who you trust and remember that there are no secrets.

Flying A Drone

If the dream involves you flying a drone, you are versatile and able to see things that others cannot see. You have the power to gather information and put it to use.

Losing/Crashing A Drone

Losing control of your drone or crashing your drone, means that you are in danger of becoming arrogant. You have the ability to succeed but it takes continued effort and diligence to succeed in the long run.


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