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If your house was on fire, would you grab your phone first?

Phone Dreams

It is likely that you have a cell or mobile phone and use if for much more than making phone calls. Dreams about your phone are now much more than dreams about communication. You may use your phone to store memories, contacts, work and your calendar. You may play games, use social media, read news and watch films. Your phone may be your GPS and you would be lost literally without it. Dreams about your phone are therefore quite complex. Pause and think about what your phone means to you before you interpret your phone dream.

Lose Your Phone Dream

To dream of losing your mobile phone is a fear of losing your identity and losing touch with those that you care about. If you use your phone mostly for finding your way -then your fear is of getting lost. If you use your phone for social media then your fear is of losing touch and not knowing everything that is happening in your circle. 

Finding A Phone Dream

If you found someone else’s phone then you have accidentally become involved in their personal life. You have a lot of power over this person. Perhaps someone has opened up to you and shared too much information or you are feeling overwhelmed by other people’s demands on you.

If you threw the phone away or destroyed it, you will discard or destroy this relationship. If you kept the phone, you want to control this person. Returning the phone to the person who lost it, means that you are giving them back their life.

If you gave the phone to someone else then you are giving away the responsibility for a relationship that has become too much for you.

However, finding your own phone is a sign that you will be back in control of your life. Fortunately, you will be feeling more independent.

Broken Phone Dream

 Dreaming that your cell phone is broken in a dream. Sadly, this is a warning that you are having communication problems. If you also use your phone to take photos and store memories then you will have trouble remembering the happy times. Losing a phone that is used as a GPS, may mean that you are feeling lost. Unfortunately, losing your contacts list in a phone is a warning that you may be cut off from friends and family. This dream is asking you to reconnect with what is important to you.

New Phone Dream

 If you bought a new phone or were given a new phone in a dream, you are looking forward to better communication with those you care about. You want to create happy memories and work efficiently not hard. When a phone is given to you, someone in your sphere is trying to help you create a better social life.

Repairing A Phone Dream

A dream where you repair a phone or someone else repairs a phone is a sign of renewed communication. You may have lost touch with someone or had a bad argument. Therefore, fixing the phone is symbolic of repaired communications and relationships.

Selling A Phone Dream

Selling your phone or someone else’s phone in a dream may mean that you do not value your relationships. You see those around you as products that can be bought and sold. You would prefer to have money than lots of people to communicate with.

However, if you sold a phone that was no longer needed, then you are a practical person who is not overly sentimental.

Stolen Phone Dream

A dream where someone steals your phone means that you have enemies who want to control you. They want to know who you communicate with. Beware of those who are too invasive of your privacy.

If you steal a phone in your dream, if means that you are trying to control someone else.

Receive A Phone Call Dream

Dreaming of receiving a phone call means that you are expecting important news. The nature of the call will give you an idea of the type of news.

To receive a phone call from work in your dream is a warning that you are working too hard. Try to relax more so that work cannot interfere with your need to rest.

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