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This beginner’s tarot journey is for those who have not yet learned all of the cards and for those who would like to expand their knowledge.

Starting Out

You have just opened a nice box of tarot cards. What next?

Firstly you should take a quick look at all of the cards. There are 22 cards in the major arcana numbered from 0, the Fool to 21, the World. The major arcana are the most important cards in the spread, they are more powerful than the minor arcana cards. The minor arcana are very much like regular playing cards, there are 4 suits but there is an extra picture card. The suits are cups, wands, pentacles and swords. The court cards are page, knight, queen and king. Sometimes the pages are replaced by princesses.

Here is a video to explain….

Tarot for Beginners Part 1

Your First Tarot Spread

The most popular spread is the Celtic Cross so you will most likely begin with this. Firstly, you should shuffle the cards, either select the first 10 cards that fall out of the pack or shuffle until the cards feel right. Meanwhile you should be concentrating on a question, such as ‘What’s going on in my love life?’.

You will have a diagram of how to set out the cards for this, and you can also watch the following video to see how it is done.

Card 1 = The Questioner – Who is the Questioner?

Card 2 = The Immediate Obstacle – What’s confronting the Questioner now?

Card 3 = The Goal – This is what the Questioner would like to achieve

Card 4= Distant Past Foundation – Things from the distant past that effect the Questioner in this context

Card 5 = Recent Past Events – What been going on recently?

Card 6 = The Future – What’s likely to happen in the future if nothing else changes

Card 7 = The Questioner in this Context – The Questioner in relation to this question

Card 8 = The Environment of the Questioner – This people and situations around the Questioner that effect the outcome

Card 9 = Hopes and Fears of Questioner – What does the Questioner want and what are they afraid of?

Card 10 = The Final Result – The most likely outcome if nothing else changes.

You will probably reach for the book of definitions of the cards at this point. Most likely, you will be confronted with a list of words which you will try to make sense of in this reading. The majority of people at this stage get a bit confused.

Please watch video below.

Tarot for Beginners Part 2

What’s next?

Help!! The next part is to learn what each tarot card means. There are many tips and tricks to help you with this. Part 3 will be an explanation of how you can use the pictures to create simple definitions. In later videos we will cover, other techniques that you can use to make learning the cards much simpler. Don’t throw out the book yet, but you should be able to put it aside soon!

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