Do you want to learn to read tarot cards?
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Are You New to Tarot? Help Is Here!

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Here are some hints on how to read the cards without memorising anything!

Tarot Reading Easy Hints

If you are new to tarot, the cards can seem a bit daunting, how are you going to remember what they all mean? You don’t have to learn them at all and you don’t have to use the typed definitions that come with each tarot pack.

There are 3 important things that you can do.

  1. Relax
  2. Use your intuition
  3. Use the pictures to describe what you see.


Do whatever it takes to calm your mind. You may want to meditate or take some deep breaths to centre yourself. You may find candles and low lights to be calming or how about some beautiful incense? I like Nag Champa as it gets me in the right mood. The Psychic Tree has a good supply and of course you can order from Amazon.

Use Your Intuition

When you are relaxed and reading cards you will start to hear your inner voice. It may be a voice, a vision, a feeling but you will start to know what to say. What I mean is, that each card’s meaning will vary based on the type of reading that you are doing and which elements of the card seem appropriate. Think of the cards as a tool for your intuition to speak.

You will notice different elements of the cards on different days. You may suddenly notice a feature of a card that you had no paid attention to previously. This is your intuition telling you to use that image to describe a situation. Perhaps you notice a snail on a card, this would mean that things are going to move slowly. Perhaps, you are looking at one of the wand suit and you really notice new leaves spouting. You are being told that it is early in a situation and that things are starting to take off.

Use The Pictures

This is the easiest way of understanding the cards, look at the picture and think about what the message is. If you are stuck, imagine yourself carry out the action on the card. How do you feel? Did you just fall out ofThe Tower or were you The Hermit shining your light in the dark?

The pictures will guide you through basic tarot meanings. If you would like to see this at work, visit . Please watch the video below to see how this works.

Reading the cards using the pictures.

What’s Next?

If you would like to advance your tarot reading to the next stage, watch out for videos on using numerology, astrology and basic information on the meaning of each suit to help you with your readings.

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