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Hotel Dreams are about temporary situations. They are usually about your work life balance or your living situation. Read below for more clarity….

General Meaning

How to interpret your hotel dream. A hotel is a place where we stay temporarily, it may be a refuge from stresses of everyday life. Usually, the meaning is that we are in a temporary living situation whether pleasant or not depends on the condition of the hotel.

Rundown Hotel

If you dreamed of staying in a rundown hotel, things in your life may look bad at the moment. However, the situation you are in will improve soon.

Luxury Hotel

If you dreamed of staying in a luxury hotel, remember to enjoy your present circumstances. Generally this is not permanent so enjoy it while it lasts.

Lost in a Hotel

If you dreamed of being lost in a hotel, you are having some trouble working out where you belong. Perhaps you have been moving house often or are in a new relationship? Currently, you are not feeling settled and the hotel is a place where you would like to stay until you find your roots. The same applies if you have lost the key to your hotel room. It’s a warning that you have lost your way in life and need to spend some time to consider the ‘key’ to getting your life back on track. Unfortunately the temporary situation that you are in is not working out for you either.

Working in a Hotel

Unless you work in a hotel in your waking life, you feel as if you are giving all of your time to others. Sadly you are running around for everyone else but you do not have time to take care of yourself. You feel as if life is passing you by and you need to have some adventures of your own.

If you do work in a hotel, consider the context of the dream as it relates to your work. Consider who was in the dream and what happened, the hotel is more likely to be a background to your true dream meaning.

Hotel Burning

If you dreamed of a hotel burning and you were inside it, this is a warning that you need to take care of some serious issues with your life before you can take time out to relax. All of your dreams are going up in smoke. Stay home and deal with your pressing personal issues.

If you saw a hotel burning in the distance, the dream is making you aware that other people around you are finding life stressful and they feel trapped and unable to escape from their responsibilities. You may be able to offer some assistance.

Hotel Falling Down

If you dreamed of a hotel falling down, your dreams of getting away are collapsing in front of your eyes. You need to find more stability in your life before you are able to take some time out. This is a time to buckle down and do what you can to make yourself more secure.

Building a Hotel

If you dreamed about building a hotel, you are making long term plans for your future or perhaps your retirement. Things may take a while and you will have to work hard in the short term. Be careful not to work too hard and miss out on all the fun in life.

Living in a Hotel

If you dreamed of living in a hotel the situation depends on the type of hotel that you are living in. A luxurious hotel would mean that you are on permanent vacation and life is fun for you. If you are living in a hotel/hostel situation then your life is very unstable, you need to take steps to make some long term plans so that you can set down permanent roots and work on your personal development.

Meeting Friends in a Hotel

A dream about meeting friends in a hotel is a good omen of happy times ahead, having the opportunity to hang out with friends socially either current friends or making new friends. This is a short period so enjoy it!

Meeting Enemies in a Hotel

If you dreamed about running into your enemies in a hotel, your dream is telling you that there is no escape from your current situation. Unfortunately, something has to change before you can relax. You need to make peace with those who have hurt you or you will be forever haunted. It may be a case of letting something go, so that you can move on with your life.

Unable to Find your Hotel Room

If you dreamed that you are staying in a hotel and you are unable to find your room it means that you cannot find your place in life. You know that you are only in the hotel for a short while but you are unable to get the relaxation that you crave because other things in your life are so unsettled. Fortunately this is temporary and you will eventually find your place.

If you remember the room number that you were looking for, consider if it has any significance in your life. You can also check the meaning of the number under my General Dreams section.

Hotel Lift

If you dreamed of going up in a hotel lift, you will have a temporary rise in life, it could be money, social status or related to pleasure and relaxation.

If you dreamed of descending in a hotel life, you will have a temporary setback, probably related to your leisure time activities.

Rodent Infested Hotel

If you dreamed of a revolting dirty hotel, this is a warning that things are not what they appear to be. If you are signing any contracts check the get out clause in case things do not work out. It is not a long term situation but it’s better to be prepared and to protect yourself.


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