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This is my tarot reading blog to help you to learn the meanings of the tarot cards quickly and easily, using visual, audio and kinaesthetic cues.  I like to use the traditional Rider Waite tarot cards as the symbology is so beautiful.

The Lovers

The lovers are card number 6 in the major arcana. Number 6 is associated with harmony and the opportunity to create safety and security by choice.

This card depicts the archangel Raphael who is in charge of partnerships of healing the divide between things, of building bridges and of medical workers who heal.

The lovers is about making choices the woman is a temptress, she stands by the tree with the forbidden fruit and the snake from the garden of Eden.

The card represents the passion of physical love, there is a volcano that may erupt.

The male may be a soul mate, he could also be temptation, there is heat, honest represented by the nudity of the man and woman.

There could be a union of opposites to create a harmonious whole. This can also represent working on a relationship.

I have added some tarot quizzes to TikTok under Mysticpolly. Enjoy!


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