Dream about Driving and Object in the Road
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Dream about a mansion, a white horse and a gardener

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In today's dream our dreamer is exploring a mansion house with family and their ex. They are trapped by some bad spirits in the house but everyone manages to escape except the ex. The dreamer keeps going back to the mansion to rescue the ex, but they always end up back in the house. They escape on a white horse but end up back at the house again. The dreamer escapes from the house and finds a person in the garden, there is a feeling of love between them. The dreamer's class mates are standing at a bus stop telling the dreamer to move on and forget the ex.  

What does this dream mean?

Dream of a mansion house: A mansion is a big home where lots of people live, it is a symbol of material achievement and financial success. The elements of the dream will tell you more about the meaning. If you owned the mansion and were happy, then financial success will give you what you desire. If you were unhappy, perhaps you are pursuing the wrong things in life and you have too many responsibilities that are making you sad. If you visit friends in a mansion then you are watching those around you achieve material success. If you are exploring a mansion but do not know the owner, it is likely that the mansion is an old home where you can observe how other people live. A mansion may well be connected with the past as in popular culture we associate families living in mansions with TV and old novels.

Dream about Spirits: Spirits may come to you in your sleep because it is easier to communicate when we are not busy with other things. Good spirits in a dream are being helpful and letting you know what actions to take. Bad spirits are a warning against a course of action or a person.

Dream about horses: Horses represent power, strength and freedom. If you are riding a horse or controlling a horse then you have the power. If the horse is trying to throw you off then you will have to work hard to maintain your position. If a horse bites you, then you are in danger of losing respect and your position, get ready for a demotion. A horse running free is a symbol or creativity and being able to follow your own path. A horse in a stable is power that is under control and managed.

A white horse is a symbol of the spirit, a guardian, positivity and purity of motive. A brown horse represents strength and purpose whereas a black horse represents the dark horse, one that is not exactly what you expect it to be, it can be positive or negative.

Dream about a gardener, garden: Gardens are where things grow, so a nice garden is cultivated and managed. If you dream of a garden you will be given the opportunity to grow in your life, nurture your feelings and talents. An untidy, overgrown garden is telling you to cut back, things have gotten out of control and you need to take actions to reign in your activities. You are growing in all directions and are in danger of burning yourself out. Gardens can be full of seeds and new possibilities, you can flower and become your best self in a garden that is cared for.

A gardener is a person who tends and cares for seeds and plants. In a dream a gardener is there to help you to grow, to nurture and encourage you and to help you to thrive.

Dream about a bus stop: a bus stop is a place where you wait for the next bus. The bus takes a group of people on to their next destination. Waiting at a bus stop symbolises waiting for the next chapter in your life to start. The characteristics of the bus and the road will give you an idea as to how good the next chapter will be and if there are any obstacles that need to be overcome. Other people at the bus stop will also be a guide as to the purpose of your journey and who will help you in the next chapter of your life.

Meaning of today's dream: Our dreamer starts the dream in a mansion house, it is a visit to the house, where the dreamer, the family and the ex are exploring. It seems as if this is a visit to the past. The house is full of bad spirits, these seem to be memories and the dreamer and family manager to escape. In other words the dreamer manages to move on. Unfortunately the ex is unable to move on and is trapped by these bad spirits. The dreamer has rescued the ex many times but the ex keeps going back there, it is as if the ex has some unresolved need to revisit. The dreamer rescues the ex on a white horse, this seems like a spirit guide, it is a good powerful horse but even with help and all of this power the ex refuses to move on.

The dreamer goes into the garden and meets someone, there is a love connection and this is a really positive thing. The garden is where new relationships grow, there is the possibility of love if the dreamer chooses not to go back into the mansion with the ex.

The dreamer's class mates are at the bus stop, they are ready to finish school and move on with their lives. They would like the dreamer to move on too. The dreamer has support, spiritually with the horse, emotionally with the person in the garden and from their friends to make a fresh start. This is the advice of the dream.

Today's Tarot Card

SunThe Rider Tarot Deck

I chose today's card because it represents two elements of the dream, the white horse and also a garden. This is an optimistic card, it is about being comfortable in your skin, going on your journey, the sun is shining and everything in the garden is growing well. The sunflowers represent the spirit and they are well cared for and controlled behind the wall, the dreamer has the freedom  and power of the horse to create their own path.

The sun is shining bright today, 

All your doubts have gone away.

Love and friendship in the air

Get engaged to one who'll care

Being happy, here on earth,

Optimism, love, self worth.

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